When a heatwave hits, there’s nothing quite like enjoying something cold out of the freezer to help you cool down! Why not try these five incredible ice lolly recipes to help you keep your cool over the next few weeks of summer.

Mojito Ice Lollies

These lollies pack a zesty punch and are a refreshing twist on the classic Mojita rum cocktail.
Get the recipe here.

Gin and Elderflower Tonic Lollies

This refreshing twist on a gin and tonic, frozen into a lolly, is a fresh and summery grown-up treat. Enjoy as a light after-dinner snack or on its own whenever you fancy!

Get the recipe here.

Blueberry and Biscuit Lollies

These creamy lollies are sweetened with blueberries and the delicious crunch of the biscuit crumbs. Feel free to use your favourite biscuits and fruit to invent your own combination.

Get the recipe here.

Raspberry, Kiwi and Coconut Ice Lollies

These pretty, creamy lollies are a great, fruity treat for adults and kids alike. Feel free to vary the fruit and discover your own favourite combination.

Get the recipe here.

Cashew Ice Cream Pops


A wonderful dairy-free substitute for ice cream. Have a go at these creamy cashew pops with a chocolate shell by Christine Chitnis.

Get the recipe here.

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