Roy Burdin from Lancashire is a life-long advocate for a meat-free diet. The 98 year old recently spoke with local news outlet, the Lancashire Post about the secret to a healthy, long life, owing it to his vegan diet.

Roy served in the RAF in the Second World War, and followed in his father’s footsteps of eating a meat-free diet. Factory farming prompted him to remove all animal products from his diet, having previously been vegetarian his whole life.

Roy said: “I was well into my 60s when I went vegan. It was still considered to be rather an advanced step and a lot of people who were vegetarian couldn’t see the point in giving up on dairy produce and so on.

“It wasn’t until factory farming came along and it was that aspect that convinced me that to be honest, you had to go vegan rather than just vegetarian. I keep my food simple. I don’t agree with all this elaborate culinary work. I must say, a lot of vegan recipe books don’t turn me on being you find a whole range of things you just haven’t got in stock.”

Talking about alternatives to animal-based counterparts, Roy said: “I don’t agree too much with trying to imitate non-vegan foods like cheese and trying to making them substitutes. I think a good straightforward honest houmous made with chickpeas is as good as anything. So I tend to use that instead of vegan cheeses.”

Roy hopes to start a campaign to get local care homes serving more vegetarian and vegan food, saying that he is lucky to still be able to live at home and prepare food for himself. Speaking about this, Roy said: “I am going to contact local care home. I think that’s a great step forward to try and alert the care homes and places that cater for holder people so they don’t find they are being denied the foods that they like.”

Amanda Woodvine, CEO of Mancunian charity Vegetarian for Life, who supports the older generation leading meat-free lifestyles, said: “Roy first got in touch with us to request some of our information packs which provide simple recipes. He also asked about how he could help encourage local care homes to offer vegan and vegetarian meals to residents.

“Roy’s dedication to a vegetarian and vegan way of living is truly commendable.”

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