Samuel Breeze takes a light-hearted look at the importance of plant based nutritition.

Is going plant based really healthy in the long term? You need meat to survive, right? These are a couple of the most common questions that I have received regularly.

Okay, I admit it — going vegan done wrongly can quite rightly be unhealthy. However, done correctly and you can reap the full benefits of a plant based diet whilst also meeting all of your recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals.

A little background information…

If you were to describe someone who was on the opposite end of the spectrum to a vegan, that would have been me!

Just a couple of years ago, I was a chicken ‘n’ brown rice kind of guy. Often having chicken twice a day with three eggs in the morning, and, at first I felt great. It wasn’t until after a few years of following such a diet that I started feeling worse: I was tired and sluggish, and I lacked the energy that I once had.

I wanted to find out why and so I started tracking my diet to see what had changed. Nothing! So, why the sudden decline in energy?

This isn’t a piece designed to discuss the food I was eating before going plant based, but more about the fact that I thought I was eating a well-balanced nutritional diet. How wrong I was!

Even though I had dismissed plant based diets in the past, all the research I was doing kept directing me to it. That’s when I thought; why not give it a try? It wasn’t until changing my diet that I realised just how unhealthy my old lifestyle and eating habits actually were.

Today my diet is completely different, and I’ve never felt more alive.

People may be living longer than ever, but are they really living healthier lives?

Improving one’s health is the foundation of living a meaningful life: without your health, nothing else matters. I’m not looking to convert anyone to tracking their food intake 24/7 but want everyone to be aware of what they are putting into their body so that they can make their lifestyle choices as healthy as possible. If you feel great you can better enjoy your life for many more years from now.

Tracking your eating habits now will mean that the next time someone asks you if “plant based is really healthy long term”, you can show them evidence of your diet and how healthy it really is in comparison.


Plant Based and nutrient deficiency


Samuel Breeze is known in the Instagram community as @thelivingleancoach where he provides photos of his everyday life, vegan food and inspirational but more often funny quotes. He also regularly blogs at Download his FREE daily plant based food checklist today!

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