London’s fast-food chain Arancini Brothers have announced that from January they will be going completely plant based, being the first restaurant chain committing to being completely vegan. Back in 2009 they started as a street food stall on Brick Lane and have grown ever since with their food adored by vegans and non-vegans alike.

Specialising in serving fried risotto balls, they combine rice, onion, garlic and herbs, vegetable stock and add flavours such as parsley and lemon before rolling into balls and frying. David Arkin from Arancini Brothers spoke to Sean O’Callaghan aka Fat Gay Vegan about the decision to go completely plant-based saying : “It’s something we have always wanted Arancini Brothers to be. Our food has always been based around a vegan/vegetarian diet and now we want our customers to experience our full vegan flavour with nothing getting in the way.”

Although the relaunch is exclusively for January, Arkin added: “We would love to make it a permanent change. If it does well, our Old Street branch will stay completely vegan. Our non-vegan customers already love and regularly order our many vegan options on the menu and I’m sure they will support us.”

Included on the menu is the FGV burger which is to be a permanent addition to their extensive plant based menu. The official relaunch is Thursday 4th January, 2018, with a soft launch on 2nd January at their Old Street branch. January 4th is also the launch of Fat Gay Vegan’s first book, Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give a Sh!t, available to buy at Arancini Brothers restaurant.

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