Avocado Chocolate Pancakes



Put the plant milk, 'eggs', avocado, baking powder, cacao powder and date syrup into the blender and blend on number 2 for 20 seconds and increase to number 4 for another 20 seconds.


Mix the wet mixture in a bowl into the gluten free flour.


In a good non-stick frying pan heat up to a high temperature and add 1 teaspoon of oil.


Spoon in two heaped tablespoons of mixture for one pancake - it is a thick mixture so gently with the back of the spoon spread out till it’s about 5 inches diameter. Leave to cook for 2-3 minutes until it goes golden and flip and cook on the other side.


I do about 2-3 at a time and continue till the batter is finished. It will make about 10.


Rinse out the vitamix and put all the ingredients for the syrup into the blender and blend for 20 seconds on level 4 till nice and smooth longer if you want it warm or just heat on the stove.


Serve the pancakes stacked high with the dripping chocolate sauce and a spoonful of yoghurt and chopped nuts.


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