Battered Pickles with a Cheesy Nacho Dip

Servings: Makes: 12 approx.


sliced in half (about 12 slices)
A little oil, for frying

For the batter

120g (1 cup)
240ml (1 cup)
plant-based milk
Salt And Pepper, to season
2 tbsp
Fresh Dill, chopped, plus extra to serve

For the cashew nacho sauce

150g (1 cup)
cashew nuts, soaked in boiling water for 20 minutes
1 tbsp
Fresh Lemon Juice
Pinch Sea Salt
Pinch black pepper
80ml (⅓ cup)
plant-based milk
red chilli, seeds removed

To serve

Coarse Sea Salt



Combine all batter ingredients in a large bowl and whisk until smooth, let sit at least
5 minutes to thicken.


Whilst batter is thickening, make your cashew nacho sauce by blending up your soaked and drained cashews with the rest of the sauce ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. Set aside.


Dab your pickle slices on paper towels to dry them. Tip the breadcrumbs into a separate bowl to the batter.


Dip each pickle slice in the wet batter and then gently toss in the bread crumbs, let sit for a minute or so, this will allow the crumbs to stick better.


Fry in small batches for 3-4 minutes or until brown and crispy, then serve with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper and the cashew nacho sauce.


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