Personal trainer Ben Lee considers the cruelty-free way to get in shape

You haven’t been truly christened into the plant based world if you haven’t been asked where you get your protein from. It’s a cliché in the making.

This question on confused lips of omnivores becomes all the more apparent when you tell them you’re also a personal trainer — a man that loves exercise, builds functional strength and muscle and has enough passion to help others do the same.

You can almost see their brains exploding. How can this be? Shouldn’t you eat three steaks and a dozen eggs every day if you want to build muscle? This is so apparent that even the term ‘beefing up’ is a thing. A phrase originating from the idea that animal products are the best source of protein.

Not so long ago, I may have asked the same questions. When I was training to be a personal trainer, you weren’t the norm if you weren’t bulking up on a cocktail of steaks and protein shakes. If I’m being totally honest, all I ever wanted to do was ‘fit in’ and be part of the norm. That was until I asked myself since when it was normal to eat animals; to use their muscle to build up my own — how utterly wrong and unnecessary.

The more I considered this question, the more research I did. I began to discover so many athletes that choose the plant based way of living. What I don’t understand, though, is why the likes of David Haye, Patrik Baboumian, Mac Danzig, Tim Shieff, David Carter, Rich Roll, Carl Lewis and many more don’t get more credit. Their first class nutritional choices are certainly not well advertised, yet their first class talents are. They must be freaks of nature to be that fit and only eat plants. But when will people realise that there are so many cruelty-free protein options?

As a plant based personal trainer, I cannot help but take this injustice to heart and so, athlete or not, my mission is to make plant based eating the norm. The way of life that is not just a choice, but the only way to become a fitter, healthier you.

Whilst the majority of the world’s nutritional choices are not forward-thinking, technology is and with it advancing so quickly, training no longer requires seeing a trainer face-to-face. I now offer online programmes, which have the benefit of still being personalised, but can be fitted into your schedule. Now you can train anywhere, anytime! It’s a firm favourite with those that have a busy lifestyle — but more importantly, those that want a trainer that has the same principles as them.

With my popular premium training packages, you have the added benefit of plant based nutritional support as well as a personalised training plan. Reach your goals with a clean conscience. Build plant based strength and muscle.


Becoming a lean, mean, NON-killing machine


So if you want to become a lean, mean, NON-killing machine — the cruelty-free way — get in touch now!

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