Bella Forever: Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare 

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The sole objective of Bella Forever is to ensure your skin is nurtured and reinvigorated using natural ingredients only. Products don’t contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, mineral oils, and toxic substances that cause massive underlying damage to skin. Moreover, skincare merchandise is often tested on animals, but our products are not only natural, organic, and vegan, but cruelty-free too. We are indeed PETA approved. Those with sensitive and delicate skin can safely use them (even pregnant women freely use our masks to nourish their skin during those 9 long months).

Best Selling Products

Our vast product range includes powder-based face masks that enhance skin tone & texture, combat acne, impart radiance, and reduce signs of ageing. We have a Booty Mask as well: Peach Bellini. It soothes the booty area and prevents breakouts and rashes, which makes it a huge hit.

Get 15% off with code: PLANTBASED15

It all started with me

The journey to Bella Forever started when I realised I had “problem skin” with lots of acne, redness, and irritation. Whenever I would look up a product for sensitive skin like mine, the price range sent me into shock! Over time, I realised it isn’t financially feasible to keep buying costly skincare products, so I thought – why not make my own? I could help myself and others as well, who share various kinds of skin problems.

The next step was to conduct thorough research and come up with ingredients that were not just suitable for all skin types, but wouldn’t cause any unwanted side effects. I had to be 100% certain about this aspect. The rest as they say is history! I started experimenting and soon began creating facial masks and beauty products using only natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, and thankfully everyone was (and continues to be) satisfied by the quality and results.

Bella Forever Collection includes face masks, scrubs, lip balms, booty masks, and more. Quality is the top priority for me so I personally inspect every order before it is dispatched.

Bella Forever

Going green

We place great emphasis on eco-friendly packaging because it is high time we take Mother Nature seriously. Sustainable products have a kinder environmental impact. With plastics ending up in oceans and water supply, we should reduce its usage as much as possible. We have now replaced all the plastic jars with fully biodegradable pouch es – we believe these little steps will go a long way in helping to reduce plastic waste on the planet.

No unnecessary ingredients

Our beauty and skincare products are created using very simple recipes. We have a strict “5-ingredient rule” – use just 5 ingredients; no extra components or fillers are used. Each ingredient has a purpose and contributes significantly toward the end result, which is clean and pure skin. Bella Forever is committed to providing effective skincare at pocket-friendly prices. We hope to expand our product offerings in the upcoming years and reach a global audience.

Author: Annabella, Founder
Facebook & Instagram: @bellaforeveruk
Get 15% off with code: PLANTBASED15

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