Beluga Lentil and Beetroot Salad



Get 2 medium sized bowls. Add the citrus zest and juices to one of them. Mix together well. Pour half into the second bowl.


Grate the cooked beetroot purple beetroot into one of the bowls. Grate half of the striped beetroot and golden beetroot into the bowl, slice the other half of each very finely. Slice the fennel very finely and add this, along with the sliced striped and golden beetroot to the second bowl of citrus juice and zest. Add the Peppadew peppers, chia seeds, and parsley. Toss together well. Season to taste.


Warm the Beluga lentils according to the instructions on the packet. Add them to the grated beetroot. Stir together well. Season to taste with salt and sugar to balance the acidity of the citrus.


Spread the Beluga lentil mixture over your plates, top with the salad mixture.


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