What are the benefits to eating local, seasonal produce?

Once upon a time, before the fruit and veg industry went global, shopping in season was a must. That was perhaps a simpler time. Kitchen recipes would be planned around the ingredients that could be sourced at that time of the year and this meant that fruit and vegetables became more elusive and perhaps better appreciated as a result.

Nowadays, with supermarkets that stock fruit and vegetable products the year-round — obtained from exotic countries across the world — the need to eat seasonal, local produce has largely disappeared.

But what are the benefits to eating seasonal produce rather than just eating the same fruit and veg at all times of the year? Here are some reasons that moving towards a ‘locavore’ diet is something worth considering.

Taste The Flavour
If nothing else, the sheer difference in flavour between supermarket-bought, compared to local, seasonal produce should be enough to convince you. Fruit and vegetables that have been leſt to ripen naturally and harvested at the right time under the right natural conditions, will pack a far better flavour punch. Plus, you will avoid fruits that
have been tampered with to survive being transported a long distance; these oſten get sprayed with wax to try and keep them looking fresh.

Lessen Your Emissions
It’s no secret that shipping vegetables across the world is bad for the environment, as our desire for exotic veg at all times of the year becomes more prevalent, our food miles total is increasing too. Eating a plant based diet has been named the single best way that any individual can help to save the planet, however there is an argument too for eating local produce instead of food flown from other corners of the world.

A Sense of Community
There is nothing better than supporting your local businesses, if you can afford to do so. You get to build closer ties with your local community, meet new people and feel good about helping the local economy. Our global-influenced lives have meant that we’ve lost many of those community ties, so seasonal shopping is one way you can start re-building them.

If nothing else, trying to eat more seasonally is also hugely beneficial because it can indirectly result in you learning more about the food you’re eating. When you start researching more about the best times of year to eat food, you will naturally gain a better understanding of the farming process and why the crops are grown at that time of year.


Use our seasonal table to find what you should eat throughout the year:

seasonal fruit and veg chart

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