Just in time for your summertime BBQ, the Beyond Burger is coming to the UK!

Following explosive growth in the US, Beyond Meat has revealed its plans for global expansion. The vegan ‘meat’ brand is increasing the distribution of its plant based burgers to cover six continents. By partnering with a select group of companies, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger will be available in over 50 countries, including the majority of Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico and more.

The plant based brand’s Founder and CEO, Ethan Brown, commented, “The company has found extensive success in the US market, doubling sales in 2017 and increasing distribution of its portfolio to more than 27,000 grocery stores and restaurants. Reflecting rapid demand growth in the United States and sustained interest from international markets, we’ve taken steps to significantly increase our production capacity. These additions make it possible for us to support international launches.”

Excitingly, recent reports from trade journal The Grocer, also confirm that the Instagram-worthy burger will be hitting the shelves of UK Tesco stores this season.

Big plans for Beyond Burger

Beyond Meat has a clear mission: ‘to build a perfect piece of meat from plants’. By branding together proteins, fats and minerals, they’ve created a nutritious, delicious and cruelty-free meat substitute.

The brand has already seen worldwide interest thanks to its popular Beyond Burger. More than 13 million of the hotly-discussed plant based burgers have been purchased since their launch in 2016. While the protein-rich patty can also be found in nearly 15,000 restaurants and food shops in the US. The Beyond Burger does not contain any GMOs, soy or gluten, just simple plant based ingredients.

Big names

It’s not just the mere meat-free mortals of us who aim to support the Beyond Meat mission. Investors in the brand include Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Seth Goldman and many more.

Hopefully these high-end names will help take the plant based brand ‘to infinity and beyond (burger)’!

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