Beyond Meat has announced that the launch of the Beyond Burger in the UK is being put on hold indefinitely as the brand is unable to meet demand for the product. The popularity of the burger in the US has set a precedent for how successful the meat-like patty will be in the UK and Europe, with distributors ready for the launch.

The Beyond Burger will be sold in 350 Tesco stores, however, the date has been pushed back. Executive chair of Beyond Meat, Seth Goldman, said: “We’re seeing much higher than expected demand for the Beyond Burger in the US, and even in the few places where we’ve placed it in the UK demand is higher than expected. We are taking steps to make sure that when we do launch, we will be sure to have enough product to keep the shelves full.”

Beyond Meat have been expanding their business continually, with distribution around the world, and announced that they are opening a new factory to keep up with the demand which has tripled since they started selling the burger in other countries.

However, the Beyond Burger has been made available in a select number of restaurants in the UK. Honest Burgers offered the patty in one of their locations and in Tesco’s Cambridge superstore café.

The burger will be stocked next to meat patties in the chilled aisle, which aims to encourage more non-vegans to try alternative products to meat, and tap into the growing flexitarian market. It is believed that it will cost £5.50 for two quarter pounder burger patties.

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