Brothers Jude and Greg are rowing the Atlantic Ocean on a completely plant based diet, and in turn their efforts will prove that you don’t need an animal-based diet to achieve athletic successes. The pair is rowing from Gran Canaria, to Barbados starting today and finishing the challenge in ten weeks’ time.

The pair is rowing an unsupported boat and the only protection provided on the boat from the elements is a water-tight cabin. They are taking it in turns to row throughout the trip, sleeping for two hours at a time. The vegan meals are all dehydrated, in a similar style to food taken into space. “It’s like space food, but there’s no water in it and you add hot boiling water”, Greg explained, who is already vegetarian and will follow the vegan diet for the challenge.

Jude spoke to Huffington Post UK saying: “doing this row on a vegan diet is a way to prove to people that you can do extreme challenges and get all the nutrients you need through a plant-based diet.” He added: “There’s no lack of protein or other nutrients. It’s a great way to challenge people’s opinions on traditional English diets and extreme athlete diets.”

The motivation behind this challenge is the loss of Jude’s father and Greg’s stepfather Peter, to skin cancer. Jude explained: “We really want to do something to be productive and get ourselves out of this grief whirlpool. We wanted to demonstrate to people how to be sun-safe in a really extreme environment.” Their father fought skin cancer for 16 years, and aim to raise £100,000 in his memory, which will also help fund less invasive methods of treating the disease.

To help them manage the sun they have a specially-built canopy to give them shade whilst being exposed to the sun, as well as sun cream and UV protected clothing. They have currently raised nearly £63,000 of their target, and you can find their JustGiving page here.

Brothers Row the Atlantic Ocean on a Vegan Diet

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