Crisp Mocha Peanut Butter Bars


Crisp Mocha Peanut Butter Bars

crisp mocha peanut butter drizzle bars

Do something different with your rice cereal and make these gorgeous crispy mocha bars topped with peanut butter drizzle   Ingredients For the fudge 235ml (1 cup) coconut oil 100g (1 cup) unsweetened cocoa powder 380g (½ cup + 2 tbsp) maple syrup 75g (¼ cup) agave nectar 3 tsp coffee extract 2 tsp vanilla…

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Apple Strudel

apple strudel

Use filo pastry to make a sweet and hearty dessert with this recipe for Apple Strudel, from ‘The Joys of Vegan Baking’ Makes: 8 servings   Ingredients For the filling and pastry 5 apples, peeled and sliced ½ cup (100 g) granulated sugar 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon ¼ cup (35 g) golden raisins ¼ cup…

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Biscoff Chocolate Cheesecake

biscoff chocolate cheesecake

This Biscoff Chocolate Cheesecake has a biscuit base, a light, mousse-like filling and is topped with melted chocolate, biscuits and popcorn Serves 12-14   Ingredients For the Crust 1 x 250g pack Biscoff biscuits, broken 6 tbsp Biscoff spread 2 tbsp vegan butter or coconut oil, melted 1 tbsp maple syrup For the Filling 500g…

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Apple Olive Oil & Pinenut Cake

vegan apple olive oil pinenut cake

Makes 1 loaf | Prep time: 20 minutes | Cooking time: 35-40 minutes   Ingredients 2 medium Bramley apples (450g) peeled and cored (250g prepared) 50mls cold water, roughly 3 tsp (12g) egg replacer (I used Orgrans) 90mls cold water 75g date puree – or whizzed up pitted dates 80g xylitol sugar alternative (available in…

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Easy S'mores Dip with Peanut Butter Cups

campfire S'mores Dip peanut butter cups

Recreate this twist on the delicious campfire treat with this recipe for easy S’mores dip made with peanut butter cups. Ingredients 1-2 tsp coconut oil 2-3 cups vegan chocolate chips 13-18 vegan peanut butter cups 2 bags large vegan marshmallows Gluten free/vegan graham crackers/digestives Strawberries Homemade cookies   Method Preheat your grill. Coat the bottom…

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Gingerbread Crumbles

We’ve combined our favourite festive biscuits with a classic crumble recipe to create the ultimate Christmas dessert – gingerbread apple crumbles. This dessert might be healthy and packed full of protein, but don’t be fooled – they certainly taste indulgent! Serve them up with a healthy ice cream alternative for your friends and family. Serves…

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Pumpkin Cakes with Spiced Mango Purée

Make something out of what you scoop out of a pumpkin with this recipe for pumpkin cakes filled with chocolate and served with mango purée   Ingredients 150g dark chocolate 72% cocoa solids 50g pumpkin seeds – toasted 460g pumpkin skinned, de-seeded and diced into large cubes – choose a pumpkin that is bright orange…

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Divinely Decadent Chocolate Stout Cake

dessert chocolate stout cake

Whip up a delicious dessert with this mouthwatering recipe for chocolate stout cake Makes: 16 slices   Ingredients 450g (2 cups) dairy-free butter, plus extra for greasing the pans 150g (1 ½ cups) unsweetened cocoa powder, plus extra for dusting the pans 470ml (2 cups) stout, preferably chocolate stout 600g (4 cups) white whole-wheat flour…

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Pumpkin Muffins with Cashew Cream Vanilla Frosting

pumpkin muffins

These muffins are packed with warm seasonal flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg and sweet pumpkin and they are just the perfect afternoon treat. Indulgent yet filled with wholesome ingredients, this is a great combination of ingredients that help you to top up your essential fatty acids. The vanilla frosting is super creamy and decadent and goes…

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Bake Off Series – Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cakes

peanut butter chocolate lava cake

Recipe for plant based peanut butter chocolate lava cakes, inspired by the Great British Bake Off!       Ingredients 100g ( ½ cup) caster sugar 30g (1/4 cup) cocoa powder 65g (1/2 cup) plain flour, sifted 1/2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda Pinch sea salt 1 tsp vanilla powder 200mls soy…

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