Koko are launching soya-free vegan cheese in the UK, with a cheddar style and cream cheese style cheese being available next month. The brand is renowned for their coconut-based products, already having a range that includes coconut milks, coconut oil, yoghurts and butter.

The two new products are the first ventures into the vegan cheese market, and this group of products is rapidly increasing on the UK marketplace. More brands are releasing vegan options, and in particular vegan cheese has become an area of innovation.

Motivations behind companies launching new vegan products is the rise in consumer interest due to ethical and health reasons, with concerns over the dairy industry. A recent poll discovered that a fifth of Brits are aiming give up dairy products by the end of 2018.

The products are reportedly going to be sold in Waitrose from June 4, with the company launching another chilled line of products at the same time.

The vegan cheese market continues to grow, with restaurants such as Bella Italia adding vegan cheese to their menu, Tesco releasing their own vegan margarita pizzas, and Daiya Foods launching in Sainsbury’s.

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