Costa Coffee are adding two new vegan options to their menu in the next few months, following feedback about the lack of plant based options available.

Costa Coffee currently only has a tomato and basil soup, some snacks and drinks suitable for vegans. They recently introduced coconut milk to the menu, which is specially developed for use in coffee, creating rich and glossy foam top to the drinks. They also added the Paradise Slice – a sweet dessert slice with vine fruit in coconut cream and topped with dark chocolate, dried raspberries and pistachio pieces.

The new additions will be a Jam Oaty Bake, available from March and a Three Bean Wrap which is launching in May. Alongside this they will be launching a range of vegan friendly drinks and snacks.

The introduction of the new items on the menu has been prompted by the charity Animal Aid. They wrote to the coffee chain asking for the introduction of more vegan options to the menu. They are behind other big coffee chains such as Starbucks who offer three plant based milks, and Caffe Nero who have several options suitable for vegans.

Animal Aid campaign manager Tod Bradbury said: “We are delighted to hear that Costa coffee will be launching new vegan options this year.

“Once launched, every major coffee chain in the will offer a vegan lunch option. This shows how much veganism is growing and how mainstream it has become.”

A survey recently conducted by The Vegan Society found that vegans struggle the most with finding food on the go, with 91 per cent of vegans who were part of the survey saying that they struggled with this.

As veganism continues to grow exponentially, food outlets are having to respond to the growth and demand for vegan food.

Costa Coffee

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