Ask many people what made them transition to plant based food and one of the main answers you’re likely to get is that a documentary helped to open their eyes to the benefits of eating a vegan diet. In fact, What the Health, released to Netflix last year was hugely influential in pushing the vegan message to a new audience. Now global superstar in the world of film, James Cameron, has directed a brand new documentary highlighting the benefits to your body by eating plant based food.

What’s all the excitement about?  

Elite athletes featured in the documentary include Morgan Mitchell, a two-time Australian 400m champion; Dotsie Bausch, two-time Pan American gold medal holder and 2012 Olympics silver medallist; Kendrick James Farris, a USA Olympic weightlifter; Patrick Baboumian, one of the world’s strongest men, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They all follow plant based diets, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the many people who was taught that to gain muscle you must eat meat, but when talking about a vegetarian diet he said: “I love it much more than the meat.”

New Vegan Documentary

These athletes that are featured are at the peak of their careers, and to have such prestigious sportspeople praising a plant based diet, and holding it partly responsible for their success is a huge step for advocating the cause. They reap the benefits of a plant based diet in the most extreme of situations – in high energy and endurance sports, and are adamant that an animal-free diet is the reason that they can train harder and for longer, leading to their success in their sport.

The Experts

The documentary is supported by experts of nutrition and anthropology, gathering the evidence to de-bunk the myths of a meat-heavy diet. Dr. James Loomis, who is the St. Louis Rams football team and the St Louis. Cardinals baseball team doctor says: “I think one of the biggest misconceptions about sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein, in particular meat, to get big and strong and perform at a high level.”

New Vegan Documentary

Evidence is presented from the Roman era with skeletons of gladiators showing that the “gladiators were predominantly vegetarian.”  This discovery abolishes the information that so many of us are taught – that meat makes us strong and that humans have always eaten meat, but knowing that Roman gladiators didn’t do this is a big step in eliminating the misinformation spread by the meat industry.

What did we think?

The Game Changers is definitely a key resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the benefits of a plant based diet, and you won’t regret finding the time to watch it. Throughout the film we were learning something new, and most importantly it was interesting and easy to understand.

Regardless of your interest in sport, the health benefits that are explained and demonstrated are convincing enough to turn anyone to a plant based diet. Without the ethical and environmental reasons for veganism taking the spotlight, this documentary puts your health and your future at the forefront of the information they provide, enabling you to make the best decision with your diet.

Is The Game Changers going to turn the world vegan overnight? Well, no. But it is certainly going to change most viewers outlook on eating meat and that can surely only be a good thing. This game is starting to change and the future is looking slightly brighter.

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