Crispy Asian Chicken-Style Lettuce Cups

Servings: Serves 3-4


For the peanut satay sauce

60ml (2 fl oz)
60ml (2 fl oz)
Zest and juice of 1

For the chicken-style burgers and toppings



Put all the ingredients for the satay sauce into a small pot over medium heat and melt to combine. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. If the sauce thickens when cooled, loosen it up with a tablespoon or more of water or coconut milk. Tip: Satay is traditionally spicy, so if you prefer a bit of a kick, adjust the heat with more of your favourite hot sauce.


Pop the Fry’s Chicken-style Burgers into the toaster and cook for 8 minutes until warmed through. Allow to cool just slightly and then slice into strips.


To assemble, lay out the butter lettuce leaves, they should resemble cup shapes. Fill the cups with shredded red cabbage, carrot ribbons and spring onions. Add the chicken-style strips and top with sprouts and toasted peanuts. Serve with the peanut satay dipping sauce and lime wedges for squeezing over. Tip: you can also choose to drizzle the sauce over the cups – do this right before serving.


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