In this editor’s blog, we discuss the way that eating plant based seems daunting but can actually lead to a more varied diet without boundaries.


When you first go vegan, it can be daunting and intimidating. Suddenly, so much seems off-bounds. I can remember quite vividly when I first started considering making a change to my diet and how unachievable it seemed.


For a fussy eater, leaving behind a diet built on nuggets and fries, cheese and ham sandwiches, and lots of fish and chips (it was the only thing I would eat out at restaurants for a long time!), the whole thing seemed like a minefield. Indeed, I can remember one of the first things said by my Dad when I announced I was going to cut out animal products from my diet was “How can you possibly go vegan when you don’t even like vegetables?” He wasn’t wrong.


As far as I was concerned, vegetables were something that should be reserved for eating once a week as part of a Sunday dinner, and even then eating them would only be out of obligation. But, as I’d found out from my extensive plant based research upon the decision to make the change — going plant based doesn’t have to mean liking vegetables.


There is such an abundance of meat-free alternative products on the market that changing your diet doesn’t have to mean cutting out the things you love at all. You can just find a healthier, animal-free version of all of those staple dinners.


But better than that, eating vegan will mean that you inevitably grow to like vegetables more. Your palate will gradually change. Those greens that used to make you screw your nose up in disgust suddenly become the thing you want to top your pizza with or make the main component of your evening dish.


I didn’t set out to become a healthy eater, but inadvertently I have become a healthier eater. Even on my unhealthiest of days, I’m eating better, more nutritious, more delicious food than I ever would have done three years ago.


So when friends and family want to know if you’re going to miss out by going vegan, you can reply with the utmost confidence that the answer is a resounding no. Somehow, transitioning to a vegan diet not only changed my whole outlook on life, but also managed to turn me from fussy to unfussy over a very short space of time.


Want to expand your diet? Try going plant based and you’ll try more foods than you ever would do otherwise. There’s a world of new foods out there just waiting to be tried. Don’t restrict yourself by sticking to the same old things you’ve always eaten.

Editor's Blog - A Diet Without Boundaries

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