Five Rice Recipes



For the basic rice:

1. Add the rice and vegetable stock to a saucepan over a medium heat. Allow the rice to simmer for roughly 15 minutes, or until the stock has evaporated.
2. Leave the rice to sit for 5 minutes before using a fork to fluff it up.


Mexican pepper:

1. Once you’ve cooked the rice according the basic rice recipe, add in all ingredients and stir through until the peppers are evenly dispersed.


Garlic, lemon and parsley:

1. After making a batch of the basic rice, stir through the lemon juice, parsley and garlic granules, until thoroughly incorporated.


Matcha and coconut:

1. Add the matcha to the saucepan, along with the rice and stock, before cooking.
2. Once the rice is cooked, mix in the desiccated coconut, before serving.


Tomato pesto and olive:

1. Add all the ingredients to a batch of the cooked basic rice. Stir the ingredients through until evenly dispersed.


Turmeric and cardamom:

1. Add the cardamom and turmeric to the saucepan with the rice and stock, before cooking. Then cook according to the basic rice recipe.


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