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Vitamin C - Your Health Depends On It

Vitamin C is so familiar we don’t pay much attention to it and yet… it’s easy to not get enough in your diet, particularly if you rely on processed and convenience foods. Almost anything with vitamin C in it (also known as ascorbic acid) is hailed as a healthy food but is that simply a... Read More

The Beginner's Guide to Dining Out Vegan

We’ve compiled the best restaurants around the UK that offer delicious vegan menus for those who are giving vegan January a go or looking to explore the plant based meal options available in nationwide restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of food on offer. Some restaurants are offering vegan menus for a...

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Table Manners - Ramoan Gunter

Family, friends, get togethers — when you’re plant based it can cause problems at the dinner table when you are with some of the most important people in your life. As someone who converted to a plant based lifestyle relatively recently, being around inquisitive family members is still the norm.  I had embarked on a...

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Let's Explore Raw

When Stephanie Jeffs first started up Explore Raw as a website in 2012, she didn’t start out with a plan or much of an idea of what it would become. Initially materialising as a fundraising workshop in a friend’s kitchen, the first event was such a success that Stephanie quickly planned more. Now, Explore Raw...

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Ilene Godofsky Moreno from The Colourful Kitchen

For New York-based Ilene Godofsky Moreno, twenty years of suffering from severe allergies and stomach issues, prompted her to look beyond prescription medications and to start thinking about her own diet in relation to health. After spending too much time following complicated plant based recipes and spending too much money on exotic ingredients. A blog...

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Ask the Chef - Katy Answers Your Questions

As vegans we are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to milk options! That can, however, prove a little confusing when it comes to choosing just one for a particular recipe or purpose. Cashew or soy? Homemade or shop bought? For some uses, such as on cereal or on its own as a drink...

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Complete Plant Based Glossary

Charcoal has recently been making its way into lattes and juices, but what exactly is it? Well, activated charcoal is a fine, black powder that is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. It is believed to absorb organic toxins and chemicals before they can harm the body, so it’s being added to a lot of edible things...

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Victoria Holder and Cooking in a Camper Van

Imagine quitting your day job, leaving your London flat and relocating to what once was a 16-seater minibus to travel the globe. Some might regard that decision as madness, others might dream of flipping their desks and ‘getting out of here’ on a daily basis. Though, one woman who is more than familiar with the...

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Glossary - Additives and E Numbers

When used in foods, vegetable glycerine adds sweetness and moisture and helps to bind ingredients. While it has some side effects for some people (which can include headaches and diarrhoea) it is generally considered safe to consume. The vegetable version is derived from plant-based oils, but there is also an animal-derived form, so always check...

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Essential Guide to Egg Replacements

One of the most common questions when people are starting to follow a plant-based diet, is how do I replace eggs in recipes? Eggs are used in a number of both sweet and savoury dishes – and they have different uses – as a binding agent, leavening agent, to add moisture, or as a glaze. Sometimes they...

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Essential Guide to Seitan

Seitan is fast becoming a staple ingredient for lots of people who prefer to avoid meat in their diet. Also known as ‘wheat-meat’, it is derived from the protein portion of wheat. It has a dense and chewy texture and is often used in place of roast beef. It is also used often in Chinese...

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Essential Guide to Pots and Pans

A fundamental part of creating delicious food in your home kitchen is the equipment. While the saying goes: “a bad workman blames his tools,” it is actually fair to say that if you’re not fully stocked with the right inventory, you are going to struggle. An important part of your cookery arsenal is the pans:...

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Nutritionist's Notebook: Chia Seeds

Chia plant – Salvia hispanica - belongs to the mint family and naturally grows in Central America, from Mexico to Nicaragua. Chia seeds were a common food for the Aztecs and also the Teotihuacan and Toltec people. The Mexican Tarahumara tribe is famous for being the world’s greatest distance runners and they rely on a... Read More

Essential Guide to Tofu

Tofu is a wonderful, versatile ingredient, so it’s sad to see the poor reputation it often has. Badly made tofu is all too common. No wonder really, when there are a few easy, but not widely known, techniques that will turn your tofu from a soggy, tasteless, mess, to a flavourful and robust ingredient. By... Read More

Essential Guide to Creating Cocktails

Following the measurements provided in recipes is key to getting the most out of the taste of your cocktail. Over, or under do the alcohol and mixers, and you could end up with a not-so-satisfying cocktail. To ensure you hit the right measurements, we recommend you get your hands on a Jigger. This is an... Read More

Common Animal Products Found in Beer

Not quite sure what you should be looking for when trying to find Vegan Beer? Don't worry, as we've compiled a list of the most common animal products used in commercial brewing If you’re worried about purchasing beer that may not be 100% vegan-friendly, why not try brewing your own? This will give you the... Read More