Some foods can be frozen and others don’t preserve quite as well. Here are our six favourite things for saving in the freezer…


Vegetable Scraps 

Cut down on waste as well as creating your own delicious stocks by saving vegetable peelings, onions and garlic skins and herb scraps in a bag in your freezer. Add to the bag over time and once it is full, simmer the contents with a couple of litres of water and some salt and peppercorns. Once made, this stock freezes well in ice cube trays, ready to pop in recipes as needed.

vegetable scraps


Dairy-free Cheese

Ingredients like dairy-free cheese can be expensive and tricky to find, especially at short notice. Stock up when you can, and freeze your grated cheese in a freezer bag to be used when needed.

dairy-free cheese



When you’ve gone to the trouble of baking, but don’t want to eat all that cake at once, you should freeze some. All un-iced cakes freeze well for up to six months. Wrap the cold cakes in parchment paper and then foil before freezing. Defrost at room temperature when needed and decorate as required.



Leftover Wine

A splash of wine can really make a difference to a ragu or a risotto. Save any leſtovers by pouring into ice cube trays and freezing until solid. Pop the cubes into a bag and keep in the freezer to use as needed.

leftover wine



Make the most of the odd ends of loaves and use them to make breadcrumbs. Whizz the stale bread in a food processor and store in a zip top bag in the freezer. Use from frozen as needed to create a crunchy coating or topping for many dishes.




Love it or hate it, tofu is a plant based ingredient that isn’t leaving our kitchens any time soon. Freezing tofu completely changes its texture, but it becomes pleasantly chewy. Simply drain off the excess water, wrap in cling film and freeze until needed. Defrost in the fridge overnight on a plate lined with paper towels.


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