Oat Cream

Oat cream is made from a base of oats, water and oil. Most oat creams contain emulsifiers and stabilisers. It is used in the same way as regular dairy cream.

Top Tips

Use oat cream the same way you would non vegan cream. Add to sauces, drizzle over desserts or use as in coffee instead of cream.

Oat Flour

Oat flour is made from pulsing oats into a powder-like consistency.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is made from presoaked oat groats, which are hulled grains that are broken into fragments. It is an alternative to dairy milk and it is comparable in taste to low-fat or skimmed dairy milk.

Top Tips

Use oat milk as a non vegan milk substitute. You can make your own milk at home by blending oats with water and a little sweetener.


Oatmeal is made of oat grains that have either been rolled, steel-cut or ground. Oatmeal is another work for an oat-based porridge.


Oats are a cereal crop that are the main ingredient in most breakfast cereals. Oats are a filling ingredient, helping to sustain energy levels throughout the day.

Top Tips

Make oats into porridge for a filling, warm breakfast.


In some parts of South America, only the potato takes up more growing space than the oca, a colourful root vegetable native to the Andes. There are many different varieties of oca, each with their own flavour, but in the main they are sweeter than traditional spuds.

Top Tips

You can use oca as you would a potato; it can be mashed, boiled, roasted, or fried.


Edible oil is on average plant-based or synthetic fat used in frying, baking, and other types of cooking. It is also can be used for dressings on salads and for bread dips.

Oil Spray

Oil spray is cooking oil that is in a compressed aerosol can or spray bottle. It is the same as cooking spray.

Top Tips

Use oil spray if your trying to cut down on the amount of oil you use when cooking.


Often referred to as ‘ladies’ fingers’, the edible pods of this plant are commonly used in soups and stews. Okra pods are versatile and can also be eaten raw, steamed, cooked or fried. Okra is a vegetable that has its own unique flavour; it has a mild taste that is similar to that of an aubergine.

Top Tips

Use okra as a vegetable in Indian inspired cooking. They hold their shape well when cooked.

Old Bay Seasoning*

Old Bay Seasoning has been a well know ingredient used in traditional seafood dishes for many years but you can use the mix to spice up your plant-based dishes also! Old Bay Seasoning is a blend of 18 herbs and spices, many of these are “secret” with the only ingredients listed as celery salt, red pepper, black pepper, and paprika.

Top Tips

Use Old Bay Seasoning as a spice mix to add to vegan ‘fishcakes’ or add to soups and stews.

Olive Oil

A liquid fat that is obtained from olives, it is made by pressing whole olives. It is common used in cooking or served as a salad dressing. Refined olive oils are more suited for frying as the taste from extra virgin olive oil is more pronounced and often doesn’t taste as nice.

Top Tips

Use olive oil for frying and roasting or use as a base for dressings. Olive oil is milder in taste than extra virgin olive oil.


Onions are a vegetable that are the bulb of the onion plant. Onions are a common ingredient in many dishes and can be served raw too. They come in red, white and yellow varieties. They are a member of the alium family, and it’s reported that they have been used for thousands of years in cooking around the world.

Top Tips

Onions are so versatile when used in savoury dishes. Add them to dishes to give them flavour especially soups, stews, roasted vegetables, salads or caramalise them with sugar and use as a dressing or dip.

Onion Granules

Onion granules are the same as onion powder but the granules are slighter bigger than the powder form.

It is made from dehydrated ground onion and it is used a seasoning.

Red, white or yellow onions are used to make it.

Onion Powder

Onion powder is made from dehydrated ground onion and it is used a seasoning. Red, white or yellow onions are used to make it.

Onion granules are the same as onion powder but the granules are slighter bigger than the powder form.


Top Tips

Use in place of fresh onions or add garlic powder to sauces and dressings.

Onion Salt

Onion salt is a powder substitute for chopped onions.

Most onion salt is made with a combination of dehydrated powdered onions and salt, and usually a preservative ingredient that keeps the powder and salt from adhering to each other. This seasoning should be differentiated from onion flakes or onion powder, which do not contain salt.

Top Tips

Use onion salt in dishes that require onion as a flavour instead of using actual onion. It is a great seasoning to use in sauce so you can add that onion taste whilst maintaining a smooth sauce.

Onion Seeds

These small black seeds are sprinkled over salads or curries for a crunchy bite. They have a nutty taste with an earthy aftertaste.

Top Tips

Sprinkle over salads or curries for a crunchy bite.


A citrus fruit that is eaten in chunks or can be juiced. It is a large fruit with smaller fruits that are similar in flavour such as satsumas and mandarins. There are different types of oranges, and blood oranges are another popular variety, although they are more expensive than regular oranges.

Top Tips

Oranges are versatile and citrusy edition to sweet and savoury dishes. Add to desserts to give them a fresh lift, eat with your breakfast as an easy way to pack in 1 of your 5 a day or add to salads.

Orange Extract

Orange extract is derived from the zest of the orange fruit, and is a very strong flavouring with a powerful orange presence, but no acidity.

Top Tips

Add to cakes or other recipes when baking in place of orange zest.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice is the liquid extract of the citrus fruit of the orange tree, produced by squeezing oranges creating juice.

Top Tips

Maple syrup, boiled down with orange juice until it coats a spoon, it a great vegan honey substitute.

Orange Pepper

Orange bell peppers are sweet in flavour, however they are not as sweet as red peppers. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

Top Tips

Similar to red and green peppers and are often sold in multi-packs along side red, green and yellow peppers. A great pepper to stuff with couscous, lentils or rice as they hold their shape well after cooking.

Orange Zest

Orange Zest is a the colourful outer orange skin of the un-waxed citrus fruit. It is usually prepared by slicing or scraping the skin away from the rest of the fruit.

Top Tips

Use orange zest to decorate dishes with or adding to recipes to give them a citrusy orange flavour.

Orecchiette Pasta

Orecchiette is a pasta that is popular in Southern Italy. The name comes from the Italian word orecchia, meaning ‘ear’, and -etta, meaning ‘small’.

Orecchiette can be eaten like any type of pasta and is traditionally dressed with a tomato-based sauce.

Oregano, dried

Dried oregano is an aromatic herb that is part of the mint family that is a common ingredient in pasta and pizza sauces. It is typically used dried as the flavour is more intense. It is also known as wild marjoram.

Top Tips

Give Greek inspired dishes an authentic taste by adding dried oregano. This herb works especially well in tomato based dishes and sprinkled over a Greek salad.

Oregano, Fresh

Oregano is an aromatic herb that is part of the mint family that is a common ingredient in pasta and pizza sauces. It is typically used dried as the flavour is more intense. It is also known as wild marjoram.

Top Tips

Use fresh oregano in salads and tomato sauces. Try our Greek Salad with Tofu Halloumi to make use of oregano.

Oreo Cookies

These popular cookies are filled with a cream filling in the middle and come in a range of flavours. They are free from milk and eggs, and typically used to dip in milk.

Top Tips

Use Oreo cookies as a biscuit base for cheesecakes, served crushed up over ice cream or just enjoy them on their own with your favourite plant-based milk.

Orwell Organic Soybean Pasta

Made by health conscious company Orwell, these pastas are available in yellow soybean, green soybean and black soybean options. They are gluten free options and are a healthy alternative to some wheat pastas.

Top Tips

Use in place of regular wheat pasta as a protein packed gluten-free alternative.


Orzo (also known as  risoni – ‘big rice’) is a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice.

Use in the same way you would pasta for example,  as a soup accompaniment, as part of a salad, or baked in a casserole.

Top Tips

Use orzo in our recipe for Italian Orzo Soup 

Oumph! The Chunk

Oumph! The Chunk is food from the plant kingdom. Made from soya beans and great for absorbing seasoning, as it will take on the flavour. Compared to other protein sources, plant protein is resource efficient and has a lower climate impact. Oumph! is high in protein and fibre, and a source to iron and folic acid.

‘Epic veggie eating for free range humans’

Oyster Mushrooms

Oysters are one of the most adaptable mushrooms and can be cultivated globally. Oyster mushroom cap can grown between 5 to 25 cm (2 to 10 inches) and are shaped like a fan or an oyster hence their name. Oysters have a distinctive aroma that is often described to be like anise or liquorice, they also range in colour from yellow, white, brown, tan, and even pink!  Oyster mushrooms are one of the few carnivorous mushrooms and they will kill and eat small roundworms and bacteria.


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