Queen Squash

This is a type of squash that is similar in shape to an acorn and it has a green-black rind. It grows to be 4 inches wide by up to 6 inches tall and has dry yellow flesh that is sweet in taste. Like other types of squash it has seeds inside.

Top Tips

Treat squash like you would pumpkin. Roasting it is a quick and easy way to bring out the flavour of squash.

Quick Cook Polenta

Quick cook polenta is a versatile food, which is excellent in sauce dishes. Once the polenta is cooked it can be refrigerated and then baked or grilled in the oven. Polenta is made from either cornmeal or fine cornmeal . The South Carolina dish known as ‘grits’ is made from coarse cornmeal.

Top Tips

Use polenta in place of mashed potato or as an alternative to any carbohydrate in your meal.


Lumpy in texture, this fruit looks similar to a pear, with golden flesh and yellow skin. Its tough and bitter taste mellows into a smooth sweetness – its flesh also turns pink – when cooked in sugar and water. Quince tastes especially great baked into a pie or poached like apples and served with vegan ice-cream.

Top Tips

Quince tastes especially great baked into a pie or poached like apples and served with vegan ice-cream. You can also turn it into quince jam and serve it at breakfast.


This South American native seed contains all of the amino acids needed to create a complete protein. Quick-cooking due to its small size, quinoa- which happens to be gluten-free- has a rich, nutty flavour and tastes delicious stuffed into vegetables.

See Red Quinoa and Black Quinoa for more information on different types of Quinoa.

Top Tips

It is similar to black quinoa and red quinoa but more readily available. Use as a tasty alternative to rice or couscous. Serve as an accompaniment to salad or as an on the go meal. Prepare the night before and take it as a lunchtime meal for work.

Quinoa Flakes

Quinoa flakes are simply grains of quinoa that are rolled into a very thin flake. They are commonly used as an ingredient in hot breakfasts.

Top Tips

Turn quinoa flakes into porridge for a nutritious alternative to oat porridge.


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