Vanilla is a flavoring derived from a Mexican species of orchid. It is considered one of the the world’s most popular aromas and flavours. The mature plants of the Vanilla Orchid ( known as Vanilla Planifolia in technical terms) produces fruit which are normally over 3m (10 ft) long. The fruits are 15–23 cm (6–9 in) long pods resembling small bananas. Once they have matured which on average takes about five months, they are harvested, cured and dried, while reducing the loss of essential oils. Vanilla extract is acquired from this segment of the plant.

Vanilla Bean Extract

Vanilla bean extract is easily available from all UK supermarkets. It is a concentrated liquid that is made from brewing vanilla beans with ethyl alcohol and water.

Top Tips

Use vanilla bean extract in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Similar to vanilla bean powder, vanilla bean paste.

Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla bean paste is a concentrated form of vanilla extract and is known to be a blend of vanilla bean powder and vanilla extract. The consistency is similar to that of glue.

Top Tips

Use vanilla bean paste in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Similar to vanilla bean powder, vanilla bean extract.

Vanilla Bean Powder

Vanilla bean powder is made from vanilla beans that ground to a fine powder. Using vanilla bean powder requires less product to be used than vanilla extract.

Top Tips

Use vanilla bean powder in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Similar to vanilla bean paste, vanilla bean extract.

Vanilla Bean Seeds

Vanilla bean seeds are the tiny seeds inside the vanilla pod, they can be scraped out of the pods and used to infuse ingredients such as plant-based creams and milk with a subtle vanilla flavour, and can even be mixed with sugar creating a vanilla scented treat!

Top Tips

The vanilla pod is where vanilla beans seeds come from. Use vanilla in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Scrap the beans of the vanilla from the pod and use. The pod that is left after scraping out the vanilla bean seeds can be added to a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla bean extract is easily available from all UK supermarkets. It is a concentrated liquid that is made from brewing vanilla beans with ethyl alcohol and water.

Top Tips

Use vanilla bean extract in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Similar to vanilla bean powder, vanilla bean paste.

Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Vanilla non-dairy ice cream is often soya based and has vanilla added for flavour. It can be purchased from UK supermarkets.

Top Tips

A substitute for non vegan ice cream. Enjoy as a dessert.

Vanilla Paste

Vanilla Paste is a merge of concentrated vanilla extract and vanilla bean powder, with a consistency like liquid glue. Usually most vanilla pastes contain inverted sugar or corn syrup which act as a binder.

Vanilla Pod

Vanilla pods or vanilla beans are sold dried and the seeds are scraped from the pods and added into desserts for the vanilla flavouring. You can purchase them from most supermarkets and specialist food shops.

Top Tips

The vanilla pod is where vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste and vanilla powder all originate from. Use vanilla in sweet dishes and baking to add a warming vanilla taste. Scrap the beans of the vanilla from the pod and use. The pod can be added to a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Sugar

This sugar which is commonly used in European desserts will add an extra dimension to pretty much anything you sprinkle it on. Mix it into coffee or homemade hot chocolate to add depth without overpowering vanilla flavouring. You can also substitute sugar and vanilla essence for vanilla sugar in baking.

Top Tips

Scrap the beans of the vanilla from the pod and use. The pod is then added to a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder

Vanilla Vegan Protein is a unique blend of plant proteins, it is dairy free, vegan friendly with the sweet and subtle taste of vanilla, which is low in fat and sugar.

Top Tips

Add to smoothies or homemade snack bars for added protein.

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Vanilla whipped cream is a blend of plant-based heavy cream mixed with sugar and vanilla bean paste or extract.

Top Tips

Use vanilla whipped cream in place of non vegan whipped cream, for example, on top of cakes, tarts, or trifles.

Vegan Bacon

Vegan bacon is made of soya or seitan and is available to buy from selected supermarkets. Many meat-free bacon products contain egg or milk and this includes brands such as Quorn or supermarket own brands. Check the ingredients or for clarification that the product is vegan.

Top Tips

A great substitute to bacon. Use in sandwiches and in dishes as a meat substitute.

Vegan Bread

Traditionally bread is made from yeast, flour, water, and salt, all of which would be suitable for vegans. Unfortunately however, many commercial breads sold in supermarkets often contain dairy such as whey (a milk protein) or eggs as fillers.

Top Tips

If you purchase fresh breads from a bakery, or Farmer’s market usually these breads do not contain any dairy products but it is best to ask the workers or sellers if there is no label.

NB: Gluten-free bread is not particularly vegan-friendly. look for supermarkets own brand of gluten free bread as they tend to now cater more for vegans whereas big brands such as Warburtons and Genius still include egg in their gluten-free bread products.

Vegan Butter

Vegan butter is different to vegan margarine or dairy-free margarine as it mimics the texture and firmness of dairy butter. Brands include Miyoko’s Kitchen and The Nutcrafter Creamery.

Top Tips

Use as you would non dairy butter and non vegan butter; it generally melts the same way and can be used in baking recipes.

Vegan Buttermilk

Vegan buttermilk is made simply by combining 240ml of plant-based milk with roughly 2-3 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Left to curdle, it makes a vegan substitute to buttermilk.

Due to their high protein content, soya milk or almond milk works best when making vegan buttermilk.

Use this buttermilk to coat food items that then need dipping in breadcrumbs or use to make cakes where buttermilk is required

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese is often coconut, soya or nut based. It is now widely available in UK supermarkets, with brands such as Violife, and some stores carry their own brand items. It can be made at home using cashews or almonds, with different recipes providing different methods.

Top Tips

Use vegan cheese as you would non vegan cheese; Add it to a vegan cheese board or add to dishes as you would with other dairy free vegan cheeses.

Vegan Chicken Seasoning

Vegan chicken seasoning is not easily available, and is often made from scratch. Most recipes use an array of herbs and vegetables to achieve the flavour.

Top Tips

Use vegan chicken seasoning as a flavour enhancer in dishes like you would salt.

Vegan Chicken Stock

Vegan chicken stock is made using vegetables, and turmeric is often used to give it the golden colour that mimics chicken broth. Vegan chicken stock is not readily available in the UK and often has to be made from scratch. It can be purchased online through selected retailers.

Top Tips

Use as you would vegetable stock or vegetable boullion: boil rice and grains in a stock to add depth of flavour.

Vegan Chicken-Style Broth

Chicken style broth is created from vegetable stock mixed with a variety of seasoned herbs and spices such as paprika, garlic powder, turmeric and dried thyme as well as nutritional yeast flakes. These ingredients are all mixed together with water then heated creating a chicken style broth.

Top Tips

Chicken-style broth is perfect served with beans and other vegetables as well as served as a soup.

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is free from dairy and it can be found in supermarkets and health food shops. Own brand and branded items are easily accessible. There are many independent brands of vegan chocolate, as well as some mainstream brands.

Top Tips

Use chocolate in desserts as a tasty treat. For an easy snack for children (and adults) dip fruit into a little chocolate to encourage children to eat fruit.

Vegan Chocolate Chips

Vegan chocolate chips are excellent for baking. They are small nibs of dairy free chocolate, and can be used whole or melted down in any sweet recipe or even eaten on there own as a tasty treat!

Vegan Cream Cheese

You can purchase vegan cream cheese in many supermarkets. It is commonly made from coconut and soya. Options with added flavourings such as garlic and herbs or chilli can be found, as well as the regular mild flavour of cream cheese.

Top Tips

Use vegan cream cheese the same way you would non vegan cream cheese. Use in savoury dishes to make them creamier, or make a vegan cheesecake.

Vegan Croissant Dough

Traditional croissant dough has a lot of dairy butter in, and is not suitable for vegans. Vegan croissant dough uses vegan butter to replace dairy butter. Jus Rol sell ready made croissant dough that is shaped, frozen and suitable for vegans.

Top Tips

Cook your croissant dough and eat warm with jam or dipped in a vegan hot chocolate.

Vegan Custard

Vegan custard can be bought in most supermarkets now and is made from a mixture of plant-based milk, cornstarch, colourings, vanilla flavour and sweeteners.

Popular vegan custard brands include Alpro or Oatly but Bird’s Custard Powder is also vegan when prepared with plant-based milk.


NB Bird’s pre-made custard is not vegan.

Top Tips

Custard is popular as a dessert and can be used in trifles, instead of ice cream or just enjoyed on it’s own.

Vegan Dark Chocolate

Vegan dark chocolate does not contain any milk and often has a high cocoa content. Many brands sell products that are suitable for vegans, and it is readily available in UK supermarkets.

Top Tips

Use chocolate in desserts as a tasty treat. For an easy snack for children (and adults) dip fruit into a little chocolate to encourage children to eat fruit.

Vegan Digestive Biscuit

A digestive biscuit, is a semi sweet biscuit, that is originally from Scotland, which has now grown in popularity worldwide. They can be used as a sweet treat and in baking or eaten as a savoury food, it is the perfect accompaniment with non dairy cheese!

Top Tips

Use vegan digestive biscuits as a base for a tart or as a cheesecake base.

Vegan Dry White Wine

Vegan wine is made from a process that does not involve isinglass (fish bladders), gelatine, casein (milk protein) and albumen (egg whites). Vegan wines are available in supermarkets and dedicated online retailers. Some brands label the product if it is suitable for vegans.

Top Tips

White wine is a great cooking ingredient – it enriches stews and pasta sauces. Alternatively, you could just drink it. Make sure you find a vegan red wine though as lots of beers are filtered with fish gelatine, blood or milk.

Vegan Egg Replacer

Vegan egg replacer products are typically made from potato and tapioca starch. You can purchase some in selected health food stores. However, many people use banana, or flax/chia ‘eggs’ as a substitute. These are made by mixing one part flax/chia seeds to three parts water.

Top Tips

Ideal for biscuits and cakes, egg free mayonnaise and custard, this versatile egg free powder allows you to create vegan suitable sweet and savoury treats. Pay special attention to packet instructions, as different egg replacers require different preparation methods.

Vegan Enchilada Sauce

Enchilada Sauce is made from delicious sweet red peppers, juicy tomatoes, garlic and velvety plant-based cream. Perfect, accompanied with piping hot non dairy cheese.

Top Tips

Use enchilada sauce in Mexican inspired dishes either as a dip or as a sauce.

Vegan Filo Pastry

Vegan filo pastry can be widely purchased, ready rolled from many supermarkets. Popular brands include Jus Rol. It is used to make tartlets, pies and other pastry items

Top Tips

Filo pastry can be used to make sweet and savoury dishes. A traditional Greek dish of spinach and filo pastry is a tasty savoury option or make the Greek dessert baklava out of nuts, sugar syrup and filo pastry.

Vegan Fish Sauce

Vegan fish sauce is an alternative to traditional fish sauce, and contains no animal derived ingredients. It is used in recipes to give depth and flavour, otherwise known as umami. It can be purchased online as it is not widely available or made from recipes.

Top Tips

Use vegan fish sauce in place of fish sauce; A condiment used a lot in Asian recipes.

Vegan Gel Food Colouring

Vegan gel food colouring is used to colour baked goods or icing, giving them a vivid colour. Unlike liquid food colouring, it presents a brighter colour and does not effect the consistency of the mixture. Different food coluring gels can be mixed together to create new colours.

Top Tips

Use to make party cakes or cupcakes exciting. Colour cake batters with gel food colouring.

Vegan Gnocchi

Vegan gnocchi is made from potato and flour and it is rolled into small individual pieces. Some supermarkets sell vegan-friendly varieties of gnocchi.
To make your own follow our recipe here

Top Tips

Gnocchi is a dish that goes well with pasta sauces and tomato sauces. Alternatively, simply stir some red or green pesto into your cooked gnocchi for a tasty and easy meal.

Vegan Gravy Granules

Traditional gravy contains meat, however vegan gravy granules are widely available in UK supermarkets. Bisto’s original gravy and onion gravy granules are suitable for vegans. The Co-Op, Sainsbury’s and Oxo also do vegan options.

Top Tips

Use vegan gravy granules as you would non vegan gravy granules as a gravy sauce or stir the granules into sauces to give them depth of flavour.

Vegan Ham

There are different choices of vegan ham available in UK shops, or it can be made from seitan. Brands available in the UK include Quorn, Tofurky and VBites.

Top Tips

Use vegan ham as you would non vegan ham; chop it up and put into pasta sauces, use in salads or sandwiches.

Vegan Hot Dogs

Vegan hot dogs are a meat-free alternative to other hot dogs. Vegan versions are commonly made from tofu or soya. Brands available in the UK include Taifun and Fry’s.

Top Tips

Use vegan hot dogs as a non vegan hot dog replacement. Enjoy as part of a vegan barbeque in the summer served in a bun with fried onions and sauces of your choice.

Vegan Irish Cream Liqueur

Traditionally Irish cream liqueur is a cream liqueur based on Irish whiskey, cream, and other flavorings and typically has an ABV (alcohol by volume) level of 15 to 20%. However, the well known Irish Cream Liqueur manufacturer Baileys now does a vegan version of the drink called Baileys Almande and other vegan versions of this popular tipple are now available.

It can served on its own or in mixed drinks, most commonly Irish coffee but can also be used as an ingredient in desserts.

Top Tips

Try using a vegan Irish Cream Liqueur in our version of a Tirimisu.

Vegan Jelly

Traditional Jelly is made using animal bones. Luckily, it is easy to find plenty of animal friendly vegan products that act like gelatin. Vegan jelly is usually created using agar-agar as a substitute. Agar-agar is created from seaweed and has thickening and setting properties.

Vegan Marshmallows

Traditional marshmallows have been packed with unnatural ingredients and made using gelatin. Vegan marshmallows are a cruelty-free alternative, still keeping that light and fluffy consistency.

Top Tips

Vegan marshmallows are Perfect for cooking with instead of using non vegan marshmallows, toast them over a fire or you can eat them as a sweet and yummy snack.

Vegan Mayonnaise

Vegan mayonnaise is an alternative product to traditional mayonnaise that contains egg. It can be made using aquafaba (liquid from tinned chickpeas), or it can be purchased from supermarkets. A popular brand is Follow Your Heart, however some UK supermakets offer their own brand version.

Top Tips

Mix vegan mayonnaise with other sauces and condiments such as sriracha, pesto or tomato ketchup to create new dip flavours. You can also use vegan mayonnaise to bind salads, to dress salads or to make sandwich fillers such as chickpea ‘tuna’

Vegan Mincemeat

Vegan mincemeat is an alternative to the traditional mincemeat which contained animal fat. The vegan variety is common in UK mincemeat. It is made from raisins, currants and sultanas and a variety of seasonings.

Top Tips

Use vegan mince meat at Christmas in between shortcrust pastry and make mince pies or alternate pastry types and uses puff pastry. Mix mincemeat into other dishes such as cake batters or into ice cream to make it festive or fruity all year round.

Vegan Mozzarella

Vegan mozzarella is a type of non-dairy cheese. Vegan cheese is often coconut, soya or nut based.

Vegan Parmesan

Vegan parmesan is a dairy-free alternative to traditional parmesan that contains milk and animal rennit. Vegan parmesan is made from cashews or other nuts and nutritional yeast. It is sprinkled over dishes, such as pasta or pizza.

Top Tips

Use as you would non vegan parmesan and grate over pasta dishes or over salads with a vegan caesar dressing.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups are the layering and mixing up of peanut butter with powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and salt. It forms this kind of peanut butter dough which is cased in vegan chocolate.

Top Tips

Add to cakes for decoration or eat as a sweet snack.

Vegan Prawns

Vegan prawns are an exciting creation exclusively made to cater for vegans and vegetarians looking for variety. Vegan prawns have the appearance and taste of prawns but are created from a meat and dairy free ingredients.

Top Tips

Vegan prawns are perfect for stir fries, curries or just to eat as a snack.

Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan Protein powder is a unique blend of plant proteins,is low in fat and sugar dissolving easily in plant-based smoothies, almond milk and even in water.

Top Tips

Add to smoothies or homemade snack bars for added protein.

Vegan Puff Pastry

Puff pastry is a type laminated dough that contains many thin layers of pastry, which puffs up into a light, crispy texture once it bakes in the oven. Puff pastry can be used in both sweet and savoury dished. You can get different brands of dairy-free puff pastry, including Jus Rol. It is in ready to use sheets and is usually suitable for freezing.

Top Tips

Use as you would any pastry. Create sweet and savoury dishes such as puff pastry pizza or puff pastry desserts filled with fruit and other delicious fillings.

Vegan Red Thai Curry Paste

Red Thai curry paste is made from a combination of chilli’s and different spices. You can make it from simple recipes that use a selection of ingredients, or you can purchase it ready made from supermarkets.

Top Tips

Use Thai Red Curry Paste to make a spicier version of a Green Thai Curry with plenty of vegetables and noodles and rice. Marinate tofu in the paste to perk it up and fry or barbeque.

Vegan Shortcrust Pastry

Vegan shortcrust pastry is often made with dairy-free margarine or oil. It is easily made at home using all-purpose flour, non-dairy milk and oil or dairy-free margarine. You can purchase ready made shortcrust pastry, and brands available include Jus Rol.

Top Tips

Same as ready rolled shortcrust expect you have to roll it out yourself. Make mince pies at Christmas with shortcrust pastry and vegan mincemeat.

Vegan Shortening

Vegan shortening, is any fat that is solid at room temperature and used in baking. This can refer to vegan margarine.

Vegan Sour Cream

Vegan sour cream is used for topping Mexican dishes and dairy alternatives include plant based milks and lemon juice to create the tangy taste of sour cream. It can be purchased ready made, or you can make your own.

Top Tips

Use vegan sour cream in place of non vegan sour cream on top of vegan Mexican chilli’s, mixed into guacamole to make it creamier.

Vegan Tzatziki

Tzatziki is a light, fresh and creamy Greek sauce, that is traditionally made with Greek yoghurt. Vegan Tzatziki has the same delicious light flavour but uses plant based yoghurts such as soya or coconut . Using plant based yoghurt gives the Tzatziki a flavour that is very similar, but the texture is a little different as Greek yoghurt is slightly thicker than plant-based yoghurt but if you let the plant-based yoghurt stand it will thicken a little.

Top Tips

Use Tzatziki as a tasty dip for pitta bread or as a dressing for salad.

Vegan White Chocolate

Vegan white chocolate is dairy-free, unlike standard white chocolate that contains milk fat. It is typically made with cocoa butter, lecithins and milk. It can be made at home to different recipes, or can be purchased ready to eat.

Top Tips

Use vegan white chocolate as a substitute to non vegan white chocolate. It melts the same and generally tastes the same as non vegan white chocolate.

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Vegan Worcestershire sauce is a variety of the condiment that does not contain meat or fish, unlike traditional Worcestershire sauce that often contains anchovies.

Top Tips

Use in place of non vegan Worcestershire sauce to enhance the flavour in dishes, to add depth and some colour.


Vege-Gel or Vegetarian Gelatine is a vegetarian and vegan setting agent and an alternative to gelatine. It can be used in sweet and savoury recipes such as jellies, mousses, cheesecakes, terrines and flans.

Agar agar powder also makes a great setting agent and vegetarian substitute for gelatine.

Top Tips

Try using Vege-Gel in our recipe for Salted Caramel Tart

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is thin, seasoned liquid that does not gel when chilled. Vegetable broth is used in the same ways you’d use stock, including in soups and sauces. Vegetable broth is packed full of flavorful and can even be delicious sipped as a drink on its own.

Top Tips

Use vegetable broth as a base for soups, sauces and stews.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is made from nuts, and other plants. The most common variety of vegetable oil is from sunflowers.

Top Tips

Use vegetable oil in the same way you would any other neutral sauces such as sunflower oil; it is great for shallow frying vegan burgers or for frying in general.

Vegetable Peelings

Vegetable peelings or peel, also known as rind or skin, is the outer protective layer of a fruit or vegetable which can be peeled off.

Vegetable peelings can be boiled up to make homemade vegetable stock.


Top Tips

Vegetable stock made from vegetable peelings is a really great way to make use of food waste, especially if you are trying to be less wasteful (zero waste).

Vegetable Shortening

Vegetable shortening is a solid fat that is made from vegetable oil. Brands include Trex, Flora White or Cookeen in the UK and Crisco is the most popular brand in the US.

Top Tips

Vegetable shortening can be used to make buttercream icings on cakes, as the fat in cakes, for frying food in like an oil or vegan butter or to make pastry with.

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stock is the base of many dishes, adding flavour to dishes such as casseroles and soups. It can be purchased ready made, or it can be made from cooking a selection of vegetables.

Top Tips

Use vegetable stock to boil rice, pasta etc to give it depth. Alternatively you can add stock powder, vegetable boullion or crumble a stock cube into dishes whilst cooking to add flavour. Use vegetable stock to make the base for vegetarian gravies and sauces.

Vegetable Stock Powder

Vegetable stock powder can be purchased in ready to use cubes, or can be made from a selection of vegetables. Recipes to make it at home include the process of cooking vegetables and salt, and cooking the mixture down and blitzing into a powder.

Top Tips

Similar to vegetable bouillon, you can mix stock powder with water and use as a stock to boil rice, pasta etc to give it depth. Alternatively you can add stock powder into dishes whilst cooking to add flavour.

Vegetarian Haggis

Vegetarian haggis is made from vegetables, pulses, oatmeal and seasonings. It is a meat free alternative to traditional haggis.

Top Tips

Use vegetarian haggis as part of a roast dinner or serve in the traditional Scottish way with mashed swede and potato ‘neeps and tatties’.

Vegetarian Suet

Vegetable suet is made from vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and palm oil which is combined with wheat flour or rice flour . It resembles shredded beef suet, and is used as a vegetarian and vegan substitute in recipes.

Vegetable suet is also available in light versions with lower fat content.

Top Tips

You can make steamed puddings and dumplings out of vegetable suet.

Veggie Mince

Veggie mince is high in protein and low in fat, it has a mouth watering and juicy texture. Veggie mince is excellent at soaking up flavours from other ingredients too such as tomato and garlic, it is the perfect plantbased healthy alternative to many meat dishes. It is also sometimes known as soya mince.

Top Tips

Veggie mince can be used as a replacement for mince meat in dishes like chilli, pasties and lasagne.

Vermicelli Rice Noodles

This variety of rice noodles are used in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian cuisines. They are commonly used in stir fries, spring rolls, soups and salads.

Top Tips

Use as you would regular noodles; in stir fry’s, Thai curries, soups or in spring rolls.


veurre plant-based margarine Veurre® is an organic, vegan-friendly margarine made by The Hemp Pantry 

A plant-based alternative to butter, it is made from high-quality organic oils and is free from dairy, soya and palm oil.

The texture is smooth like butter, with a mild coconut, olive and earthy hemp flavour and has a solid consistency from the fridge. You can spread it, melt it, cook and bake with it, so just use it in place of butter for all your culinary adventures.


Vine Cherry Tomatoes

Vine cherry tomatoes are sold attached to their stems (vine), continuing to ripen in storage. These tomatoes are small round and red with a very sweet taste, this is due to their a high sugar to acid ratio. Vine cherry tomatoes are high in nutritional value containing many vitamins such as vitamin A and  vitamin C as well as dietary fiber, potassium and folate. When cooking with vine cherry tomatoes you can remove them from the vine or roast them whole on the vine.

Vine Tomatoes

Tomatoes grow on the vine, and vine tomatoes are left unpicked from the vine and often unripe in order ripen later.

Top Tips

Same as the versatile tomato, you can make them into sauces, dressings, eat in a salad, roast as a vegetable…the possibilities are endless!


Vinegar is made from fermenting alcoholic liquids such as wine, cider or beer. It has high levels of acetic acid, which is achieved by the fermentation process.

Top Tips

Use vinegar in sauces, dressings or to pickle vegetables.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is the oil taken from coconuts without the application of heat. Virgin coconut oil extracted by cold compression which is regarded better than that acquired by fermentation, as the oil extracted by fermentation has higher moisture content and goes off quicker.

Vital Wheat Gluten Flour

Vital wheat gluten flour is made from gluten and contains very little starch. It is used to make seitan and creates a dough that has elasticity to it. It is often referred to as flour, but it is powdered gluten.

Top Tips

Experiment with seitan flavours at home by making a dough out of vital wheat gluten and adding different herbs, spices and sauces. Once cooked, you can use seitan as a meat substitute.


Vodka is an alcoholic spirit that is made from distilled rye, potatoes or wheat. Its primary ingredients are water and ethanol.

Top Tips

Have fun with vodka cocktails or use vodka in dishes while cooking.


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