Savoury, fresh and dried

Savory (or Satureja) is a genus of aromatic plants of the family Lamiaceae, related to rosemary and thyme. It is native to North Africa, southern and southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Both summer savory (Satureja hortensis) and winter savory (Satureja montana) are used to flavour food. The former is preferred by cooks but as an annual is only available in summer; winter savory is an evergreen perennial.

Dried summer savory is a characteristic ingredient of herbes de Provence. It is also widely used as a seasoning for stews and sauces or as a marinade and is an important herb in Armenian, Georgian, Bulgarian and Italian cuisine, particularly when cooking beans. It is also used to season the traditional Acadian stew known as fricot. Savory is also a key ingredient in sarmale, a stuffed cabbage dish in traditional Romanian cuisine. In Azerbaijan, savory is often incorporated as a flavouring in black tea.


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