Making magic accessible for all, The Protego Foundation is spearheading a campaign to make the Harry Potter franchise’s ‘Butterbeer’ vegan.

The Wizarding World locations currently sell the popular drink with a frothy cow’s milk topping. The cream soda-like Butterbeer cannot be served without the white whipped top due to licensing agreements. However, Harry Potter-inspired fan group and animal rights supporters, The Protego Foundation, is encouraging the introduction of a vegan-friendly version. They suggest the Potter-inspired beverage should be served with a top of rice, coconut of almond milk. This simple change will ensure the beer is cruelty-free, yet still 100 per cent delicious.


What the foundation has to say

“The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts stories are full of animal-friendly messages and themes,” explained Protego Foundation’s Executive Director, Tylor Starr.

“Warner Bros. and Universal Studios can channel their inner Hermione or Newt Scamander and help mother cows on commercial dairy farms, by replacing the whipped topping on Butterbeer with one made from environmentally-friendly alternatives like rice milk, coconut milk, or almond milk.”


Support from the stars

The cruelty-free campaign has harnessed the support of two former Harry Potter stars: Robbie Jarvis and Evanna Lynch. Not only known for their attendance at Hogwarts, the pair also co-host their own vegan podcast ‘The Chickpeeps’.

Active vegan, Evanna Lynch, said, “I’ve been a member of the vegan community for the past five years and the Harry Potter community for most of my life. Nothing makes me happier than when these two worlds intersect. I genuinely can’t imagine a lovelier day out than going to The Wizarding World to enjoy a Butterbeer with my vegan friends. I will be first in line when that day comes.”

Robbie Jarvis added: “The world of Harry Potter is all about love and kindness. Harry’s mother surrounded him with her love and it formed a protection that even Voldemort couldn’t break. [I’d be] happy to see Universal Studios’ Wizarding World honouring that message by ensuring that no mother has to be separated from her baby just so we can enjoy Butterbeer.”

The Protego petition aims to collect 5,000 signatures to get vegan Butterbeer on the menu.


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