Last Friday marked the start of February and the culmination of Veganuary 2019, meaning a record number of people – 250,000 in fact – have reached the end of their first month of veganism. The biggest hurdle is over; but now comes the most important question: are you going to keep it up?

Why should I stay vegan?  

According to The Vegan Calculator, by following a vegan diet and lifestyle for just one month you may have saved:

  • 33,000 gallons of water
  • 1,200lbs of grain
  • 90 square feet of forest
  • 600lbs of CO2
  • The lives of 30 innocent animals

Which, by default, means that if you’ve successfully completed a full month of living and eating vegan, you’re officially awesome!

So that’s step one completed: you’ve made it through the usually miserable month of January and have saved some lives while doing it. But, if you’re looking for true super hero status, why not consider adopting the diet on a long-term basis?

According to statistics reported by The Vegan Society, if by some miracle the whole world went vegan we could save over ‘8 million human lives, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoided climate damages of $1.5 trillion’ in a matter of a few decades.

Simple replacements to keep you on track             

“But what will I eat?” You ask. A very valid question, as, more often than not, January is a time when many people look to eat a healthier-than-normal diet, so to purge their guilt from all the mince pies, hot chocolates and stuffing consumed over the festive season. So perhaps during Veganuary you’ve been sticking more to kale and cucumber sticks than veggie burgers, and have been missing your favourite chocolate bar. Fear not, there’s plenty of ways to indulge while still following a balanced, vegan diet. Why not try…

A mighty vegan burger: If you’re a fan of meat-like alternatives, try the Beyond Burger, Iceland’s No Bull burger, or Naturli’s plant-based Patties.

Or, to make your own deliciously indulgent vegan burger at home, see our Sweet Potato Bean Burger recipe, here!

Naughty nuggets: Quorn offer a tasty selection of vegan nuggets, which are kept frozen, meaning they’re super easy to store and cook. Or, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly buy, Ocado’s own-brand vegan chicken-style nuggets are just £1.75.

For a healthy, homemade option, check out our awesome Veggie Nuggets recipe, here! 

Vegan chocolate favourites: Whether you’re a luxury chocolate lover or lean toward childhood favourites, there’s a vegan chocolate bar for everyone. Try Hotel Chocolat’s Rose and Violet Cremes, Vego’s Organic Hazelnut bar or Moo Free’s Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs bar (the latter is one of my absolute favourites!).

Or, if you looking for something even more luxurious, try our truly scrumptious Chocolate Chia Fudge recipe, here.

A quick tip…

It can sometimes be tricky to persevere with your vegan diet, and there’s no shame in admitting that, but the benefits hugely outweigh the occasional difficulties. If you’re really struggling to avoid temptation, make a quick mental list of the reasons you’re going vegan and repeat it to yourself whenever faced with a challenge.

Can’t think of any? Check out these…

6 reasons to stay vegan

  1. Saving the animals! No pig, cow, chicken or duck wants to be eaten by a hungry human. Nor do they want to be kept in poor conditions purely for the service of supplying eggs or milk. If you love animals, please don’t eat them.
  2. Your health is so important. By cutting out foods such as meat and dairy, which have been shown to contribute to ill health, you can start feeling physically and mentally healthier in no time!
  3. Your wealth. If you’re watching the pennies then avoiding higher priced products, such as meat and fish, and sticking to sustainable, plant-based foods is a wise step toward financial success. Sure, some vegan brands and meat alternatives can hold a hefty price tag, but treat these as an occasional indulgence, rather than an everyday staple.
  4. The planet is in danger. We’ve known this fact for years, but are only now taking action. Cutting down or eliminating unsustainable animal products from your diet is a huge step towards positive change.
  5. The people. By opting to follow a vegan diet you’re joining a huge community of like-minded people. Check out local events where you can meet other plant-based people and new, ethical companies. Attending events is great way to make new friends, and build a plant-based support system.
  6. You’re helping the movement to grow. By maintaining a vegan diet and introducing friends and family to plant-based food, you’re helping to keep the movement growing. The more vegans there are, the more vegan products will be launched to meet the demand. Then, slowly and steadily, cruel, archaic food production processes will hopefully become a thing of the past.


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