Huge demand for plant based steaks has seen Tesco stores sold out of the product, with over 40,000 units sold. The Vivera steaks have been sold in over Tesco 400 stores, and the company is the first to produce a completely plant based steak.

Gert Jan Gombert of Vivera: “We are overwhelmed by the great success of the 100% plant-based steak. Within a few days the first delivery of 40,000 items is nearly sold out. The sales could have been much larger, some supermarkets were sold out within a day. The consumers in England are almost without exception very enthusiastic about the taste and texture of the steak.

“The hashtag #Vivera almost explodes on Instagram. This ground-breaking product has also received a particularly positive reception from professional critics. We will do our utmost to meet market demand as much as possible by increasing our production faster than planned.”

Vivera has forecasted high demand in other European countries, with the product set to launch there from 11 June in the Netherlands and Belgium. Vivera are expecting to be able to produce several million pieces of this product this year alone, and only plant based ingredients such as wheat and soy are used.


Plant Based Steak


You can find the plant based steak in selected Tesco stores.

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