UK supermarket Iceland has announced that they will stock 13 new vegan items, following the news of a vegan section in stores. The products will be available from September, which is also when the vegan freezer section opens.

The success of the ‘No Bull’ burger is accredited to the decision to introduce a vegan freezer, and have revealed that a spicy jalapeno version of the burger will be available. The new vegan offerings include chicken, mince and chorizo.

The ‘No Bull’ burger has outsold their wagyu beef burgers, as the demand for plant-based food is coming from non-vegans who want to branch and have a more varied diet. The chorizo is made following a similar idea to the burgers, where it looks and tastes like meat, with the recognisable spice and smoky flavour of chorizo, but without the meat.

Iceland head chef, Neil Nugent, said: We had tremendous success with the ‘No Bull’ burger and it’s clear our customers want more from us. In creating this range, we have embraced the nation’s love for alternative plant-based foods in an innovative and exciting way.

“The growth of the vegan food market in the UK has been rapid, with 56 per cent of adults now saying that they are adopting vegan behaviour when conducting their supermarket shop.”

However, not all of the products are soya-based with the intention of mimicking the texture of meat. Vegetable and tofu burgers are included in the new selection, with Asian-inspired flavours.

The range will be available in Iceland stores from September.

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