Impulse Tempeh Barbecue Skewers



The trick with this is to try to make all the vegetable pieces approximately the same size to ensure even cooking. Begin with the tempeh, dicing into four, then carefully slicing each quarter again, to half its thickness.


Prepare the vegetables as follows: Peel and quarter the red onions, then remove the centre
section from each quarter, leaving the three or so outer rings (this will fit very comfortably on
top of a chestnut mushroom, ensuring kebab stability!). Red pepper should be washed and
deseeded, then cut into half, lengthways, and each half quartered. Courgettes should be
sliced across into sections slightly smaller than the mushrooms, likewise the sweetcorn cobs.


As the mood takes you, slide each vegetable onto a skewer, in the same order, starting with a piece of red pepper. The red onions sit on top of the chestnut mushrooms, and the tempeh, courgettes and sweetcorn go somewhere in between. If you’re feeling adventurous, then you can use your favourite marinade on the tempeh before you begin the kebab assembly.


Brush with oil, then griddle, bake or barbecue until the vegetables are lightly browned, (or charred if you prefer!), and the tempeh is piping hot. You may from time to time need to brush with a little
more oil during the cooking process. A quick grind of salt and pepper and you’re ready to serve.


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