Fast-food chain KFC has launched vegan options in restaurants in Vietnam, for a limited time only. Two of the dishes are mock chicken, including a grilled chicken breast and a rice bowl with a mixture of fried white rice and Korean seaweed, and a shredded vegan chicken salad.

KFC are renowned for not being vegan-friendly, with the only option being chips. KFC might not be your ideal place to eat, but we’ve all been there when we need some food on-the-go and come across fast-food restaurants, only to find that chips are the only suitable option.

Fast-food restaurant around the world are increasing their vegan options. McDonald’s in Sweden and Finland launched the McVegan, the first soya burger sold in their restaurants; Max Burgers in Sweden, also, have increased their plant-based offerings to reduce their environmental impact and cater for the growing vegan community.

KFC are however, planning to test out meat-free options in the UK. The demand for vegan food has drastically increased in recent years, as the movement continues to grow.

Watch this space for a vegan option in the UK!

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