The Linda McCartney’s range has been popular among people looking to go meat-free for years. The variety of meat-alternative products make a brilliant substitute for those people looking to replace meat, but still cook things that look and taste familiar. Much of the range is plant based and is labelled accordingly, but with Christmas on the way, the brand has announced some new products.

Cooking at Christmas when trying to avoid animal products and with family members who may not be plant based can be difficult. A range of new Linda McCartney’s products, which are all suitable for those on a plant based diet, is on its way!

The first of these products, and possibly the most exciting, is the Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine & Shallot Glaze. The meat-free alternative to the British favourite is described as having “a delicately balanced rich red wine and sweet caramelised shallot glaze [which] tops a flavourful beef-inspired soya base.” A great plant based alternative to Christmas dinner.

As if this wasn’t enough, the brand has also released details of three other 100 per cent plant based options. First up is a new twist on the much-loved, Linda McCartney’s classic sausages, in the form of cocktail sausages, plus a chorizo-style of cocktail sausages too. In addition to this, the new Vegetarian Beef, Mushroom & Spinach Wellington Bites complete an exciting line up of new options for those looking to add plant based to their parties this festive season.

The range will be hitting stores from 20th August. The Wellington Bites can be found at Asda and Tesco, but for the other new products, you’ll have to head to Sainsbury’s.

Linda McCartney's Christmas Range

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