An Islington based pub has replaced their normal menu for an entirely vegan menu. The Blacksmith & Toffeemaker have reformed their menu to coincide with the New Year, and is motivated by the sustainability of plant based food as opposed to meat and dairy, two of the most unsustainable industries in their current state.

As vegan food doesn’t require the massive scale of farming needed for the meat industry that has repercussions in the form of superbugs, increased risk of disease, resistance to antibiotics and the pollution contributing to climate change more so than the whole of the transport sector around the world – the pub’s carbon footprint will be drastically reduced following this change.

All of the packaging used by the pub is recycled, and they are trying to minimise their waste. The sustainability section of their website reads: “Sustainability is often overlooked in the hospitality industry as venues seek to cut costs and boost profits. Despite the added expense we believe it’s important to use recycled & biodegradable products wherever possible. Our menus, napkins, toilet paper, blue roll, takeaway bags & boxes are 100% recycled & our food preparation gloves are compostable.

“We have decided to stop serving straws with our drinks. […] If you absolutely can’t live without one, we have biodegradable straws available behind the bar for a 10p donation to Greenpeace.

“Nearly all waste from the bar is sent for recycling and our food waste is collected and used to create renewable energy through anaerobic digestion.”

Food on the new menu includes ‘chorizo’, jalapeno & refried bean grilled ‘cheese’ sandwich, ‘halloumi’ & kimchi burger and ‘mozzarella’ sticks with spicy marinara sauce amongst the other options available.

London pub goes vegan

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