Reality TV star, Lucy Watson, reveals why she’s releasing her very own plant based cookbook


Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan Lucy Watson rose to fame on reality television show Made in Chelsea, gaining popularity for her outspokenness and opinionated views. Having now left the show, she’s embarking on a new venture — a fully plant based cookbook titled Feed Me Vegan.


The book features more than 85 recipes designed to appeal to plant based veterans and newbies too, with a mission to remove some of the stigma surrounding plant based eating.


Growing up on a working farm from the age of five, it was growing a bond with the animals on the farm that initially led Lucy to question why meat needed to be eaten. Struggling to come to terms with it, she stopped eating it herself. Watching the documentary Cowspiracy a couple of years ago, changed Lucy’s whole perspective, opening her eyes to other aspects of animal farming and resulting in her making the change to a plant based diet full-time.


We dropped Lucy some quick-fire questions about her plant based life, favourite foods and cookbook inspiration.


Hi Lucy, why did you decide to release your new cookbook Feed Me Vegan?

My book is a way to showcase that there’s plant based alternatives to everyone’s favourite meals, including those comfort meals we all love — mac & cheese, cheeseburgers and even chocolate fudge cake!


What do you hope people will learn from reading the book?

I want to show people that adopting a vegan lifestyle isn’t a big sacrifice, nor is it a hard change to make, so including all my favourite meals, both comfort food and healthy options should go a long way to helping people!


Lucy Watson Feed Me VeganWhat is your favourite recipe from the book?

My favourite meals were always those that were pasta based, and that hasn’t changed. That’s why I love the recipe for Bolognese in my book so much, and the linguine! Plus, the burger is amazing!


How did you learn to cook great plant based food?

Through lots of trial and error! Plus I did a lot of research into lots of different recipes and just adopted them for what I wanted.


What is your signature dish?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think I’d have to say mac & cheese!


Where is your favourite restaurant when eating out?

I love Fed by Water in Dalston, London. It’s a vegan Italian restaurant and is amazing!


If you were stuck on a desert island what would be your must-have ingredient?

Plenty of garlic to mix with all the other vegetables I’d find growing on the island.


Do you think eating plant based should mean eating healthily?

I don’t think it should mean just exclusively eating healthily — because you really don’t have to! My whole book project is about showing people that you don’t need to sacrifice your favourite comfort foods or meals by being vegan and to show that there’s still so much choice. That’s why the book is packed full of salads, soups and healthy dishes, but also has a fry up, a burger, pasta dishes and lots and lots of puddings!


Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan

What is the best thing about being plant based?

I think just knowing that you aren’t contributing to animal cruelty! That feels really good.


Which cuisine influences you the most?

Definitely Italian!


What can we expect for the future?

Who knows what the future holds — lots more vegan projects, definitely. Watch this space!




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