Vegan celebrity and animal rights advocate, Lucy Watson, has announced a new range of vegan ready meals under her Feed Me Vegan brand.

Watson has two cookbooks – Feed Me Vegan and her latest book, Feed Me Vegan For All Occasions. She also worked with her sister and father on their London vegan restaurant, Tell Your Friends.

Sharing the news on Instagram, the former Made in Chelsea star revealed that the new range is launching on 3rd October, and there will be three meals, which are also gluten-free. The meals will be available in 155 Waitrose and Partners stores around the country.

A shepherd’s pie, a chilli and a curry are the three meals that will be available. Waitrose have been drastically increasing their vegan options this year, with a new selection expected to launch in October.

Waitrose made headlines earlier this year with their launch of an exclusive vegan section, catering to the demand of thousands of vegans and flexitarians in the UK.

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