Magnum are one of the brands offering vegan options with the launch of their new vegan almond and vegan classic ice creams in Sweden and Finland. Magnum is one of the brands under Walls, who are owned by parent company, Unilever.

Unilever are renowned for their poor ethics and testing on animals. But, is their expansion into more vegan items, following the launch of the vegan cornettos, a sign of changing times for the company?

The ice cream is made using peanut protein and coated in vegan chocolate, and certified by the European Vegetarian Union as suitable for vegans. The new Magnums are going to be on sale from September in Sweden and Finland.

Magnum are becoming more aware of sustainability issues, with the cocoa used in the Dark Intense ice cream sourced from Rainforest Alliance cocoa beans, for example. The shift into introducing plant-based ice creams hints at an awareness of the ethical and environmental impact of the dairy industry.

Despite the controversy of their parent brand, the launch of vegan products shows that times are changing. Whether they’re cashing in or expanding to cater for the growing vegan market, the new options are welcomed for those who do want to the purchase them.

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