In October McDonald’s trialled a new vegan burger at one of their restaurants in Tampere, Finland and the response was overwhelming. The soy burger has been developed by Anamma, a Swedish company who are owned by Norwegian food corporation Orkla. The introduction of a vegan meal choice at one of the world’s largest fast food chains excited many people with on-the-go hot food options increasing in the market.

The McVegan is set to be made available in all restaurants in Finland and Sweden; however there is a lot of uncertainty around whether the burger will be made available in European and US branches in the future. Steffan Ekstam, Head of Food Strategy for McDonald’s said: “The test in Finland blew all the expectations out of the water. We can now offer our guests a vegan burger developed in Sweden. Our ambition is that there should be something on our menu for all of the 400,000 guests who visit us every day.”

The introduction of the McVegan rivals the Swedish fast food chain Max, who offer a wide range of vegetarian options. The McVegan is also cheaper than options provided by Max priced at 49 Swedish Krona.

If the popularity of the burger increases and continues to exceed expectations as the vegan market and community continues to grow, people are hopeful that it will be rolled out in other countries. What other options would you like to see from McDonald’s and other fast food chains?

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