The Meat Network on YouTube have shared a video claiming that processed meats are not detrimental to human health, contrary to extensive studies linking processed meats and cancer. The video shows Kerri Gehring who is a Ph.D nutritionist and a registered dietician, speaking to Janet Riley who is from the North American Meat Institute.

Gehring is asked what the facts are with processed meats, and whether they should be avoided. Gehring replies saying: “The facts are you can definitely have processed meats like those. They really are no different than any of our other meat.

“They are a great source of protein, they provide iron, they provide vitamin B12, they provide all different types of nutrients that we need. So there is no reason at all that you can not include processed meat in a normal diet.”

However, a leading dietician from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine disregards these claims saying; “Despte these claims from the Meat News Network – which has overt industry ties and stands to profit from selling you more burgers and bacon – there’s nothing healthy about processed meat.

“Processed meat products are among the least healthy foods you can eat, with scientific study after scientific study linking them to health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even certain types of cancer.”

The studies into meat and the effect that it has on the body has been confirmed several times, with a recent study published by JAMA Oncology that spanned 26 years and over 100,000 participants. The study looked into whether ‘proinflammatory dietary patterns increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer’.

The results found that men eating red and processed meat had a 44 per cent higher risk of developing the disease the those who didn’t eat them and women who ate these foods had a 22 per cent increased risk.

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