A brand new fully plant based pizza has launched in Sainsbury’s in 159 of the supermarket’s stores.

The Smokin’ Vegan from The White Rabbit Pizza Co. has a gluten-free base and is topped with a smoky, dairy-free cheese, peppers and olives.

The introduction of a ready-made plant based pizza is the first time one of the major UK supermarkets has stocked such a product and is already flying off the shelves.

The company was founded by three friends who worked together in a pub which was recognised as the best pizza restaurant in Oxfordshire, and once they had created the perfect gluten-free base, they knew they were onto something good.

The White Rabbit Pizza Co. is a gluten-free brand so be aware that some of the products are not suitable for those following a vegan diet.

The Smokin’ Vegan is now available in many Sainsbury’s stores and is priced at £4.99.


The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

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