Oumph! and Pizza Express are launching new plant vegan pizzas in UK supermarkets, with both products expected to arrive in stores later this month.

Oumph! is launching their Italian-style pizza in Tesco stores, to sit alongside their current range in the nationwide supermarket. The product is already on-sale in Sweden and other Nordic countries where it has seen success.

The pizza is comprised of a hand-stretched, wood-fired base, topped with plant-based cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, rocket, thyme and garlic seasoned Oumph! strips. Oumph! is a soya-based meat-replacement, with three varieties available in Tesco stores.

Oumph! is one of Food for Progress’s brands, and co-founder and head of progress strategy, Anna-Kajsa Lidell, said: “At Food for Progress we believe in mouth-watering food that is kinder to the environment.

“There is an increasing demand for plant-based options. With all due respect to slow-cooking, often we just don’t have the time to cook. This is when we need good, fast food that tastes great – like the Oumph! pizza.”

The pizza will be available from September 16 in Tesco stores and priced at £3.99, alongside their new Oumph! Salty & Smoky.

Pizza Express are also joining the boom of vegan pizzas, with their vegan Giardiniera pizza, which launched in their restaurants last year in response to increased demand for vegan pizzas. The pizza will be available from Waitrose stores later this month.

The vegan Giardiniera is topped with vegan cheese, artichokes, spinach, red onion and mushrooms, on the classic base.

Pizza Express are also adding new vegan options to their restaurant menus to celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1st.

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