UK-based fast-food chain Oowee is known for being a meat based fast-food chain, but is now opening a plant-based version of the chain in Bristol. The restaurant launched Oowee Vegan on Deliveroo, and had an overwhelmingly positive response. Oowee is owned by Verity Foss and Charlie Watson, who spoke to the Bristol Post about the new eatery.

Foss spoke about the plans, revealing that it will be located in Bristol city centre and will be able to seat up to 35 people. “We’ve got quite a big vegan following and when this particular spot came up, we thought we had to go for it. I think it’ll absolutely smash it. There are so many vegan junk food bars in Europe but there’s nothing like this in Bristol.”

Their original menu already includes a vegan chicken sandwich, made using seitan. This will be the key ingredient to many of the dishes at their vegan location, where they will vegan-ise their meat-based offerings.

Vegan options in restaurants are becoming common place, finally, and Oowee supporting the vegan cause with a dedicated restaurant proves the demand for plant-based food.

Foss added: It’s really quite nice to offer something to people who believe so strongly in a cause. Vegans care about the animals and the planet and so it’s really nice to be able to offer them something different – some mind-blowing junk food. I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

The location has not been announced yet, however, Oowee vegan is expected to open in mid-September.

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