A new vegan restaurant has opened in Norwich, with an array of unusual offerings. Erpingham House is the UK’s largest plastic-free and vegan restaurants and was founded by Loui Blake and championship footballers Declan Rudd and Russell Martin.

Situated in a grade 2 listed building in Norwich city centre, the site was formerly a steakhouse. The new restaurant caters to the growing vegan population, with a new take on plant-based food. With some of your usual favourites such as avocado on the menu, there’s a vast range of food to choose from. If you fancy something usual, make sure you check out the CBD latte or mushroom coffee!

Dubbed as the ‘UK’s largest Instagrammable’ restaurant, you’ll find plenty of interesting things to take a picture of and share on social media, from the stunning interior to the smaller details such as neon signs with iconic phrases.

Loui Blake has a background in hospitality, and spent the past year traveling the world to find the best concept-restaurants. The idea first came about in 2015 when he realised that there was the opportunity to appeal to conscious consumers by opening a restaurant.

Loui said: “It was never my intention to create an exclusive vegan restaurant. It’s my mission to bust all myths around plant-based living with Erpingham House. And with 90 per cent of diners being non-vegans it seems we have cracked this already!”

Erpingham House will be opening a members-only area in Autumn, and there are talks of opening a second restaurant in Cambridge in 2019.

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