A new vegan food fair is going to be held in Leeds on Saturday 14th July. The vegan food fair is being arranged by Leeds Indie Food and North Brewing Co. and will be the first Vegan North festival. There will be eight street food vendors and vegan beer courtesy of North Brewing Co.

Leeds Indie Food and North Brewing Co. organise the weekly Eat North street food fair, however, Vegan North will be their first vegan food fair. Among the vendors confirmed are Doner Summer, Rabbit Hole Coffee, Just Mylk and Knave’s Kitchen.

Entertainment at the vegan food fair includes outdoor games, such as badminton and corn hole, DJs and the chance to have your portrait drawn by illustrator Molly Pukes.

The food fair will be held at North Brewing Co., Taveners Walk Industrial Estate, Sheepscar Grove, Leeds, LS7 1AH.

Vegan festivals around the UK are increasing in their numbers, as the population of vegans increases. It’s estimated that 7 million Brits have made the switch to veganism, and 2018 has been dubbed as the year Brits ditch dairy.

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