Swedish oat milk brand Oatly have announced new plant based coffees, making the announcement on their Instagram account. The brand is renowned for their oat-based drinks and products, with recognisable and witty marketing across the brand.

The coffees are available in three different flavours: mocha latte, cold brew latte and matcha latte. They are all made using their infamous oat milk, and are currently only available in Europe. In their Instagram post, the brand said they hoped to be launching more of their items in the US.

The announce of the product gathered a lot of attention on the post, with many Oatly fans asking for the product in their country, or when they can expect a release date.

Earlier in the year Oatly revealed new ice cream flavours, with an ice cream truck launch for the five new flavours.

The brand has been picking up a lot of attention recently, as plant based milks become the norm in people’s weekly shop. Information from earlier in the year found that the dairy alternative milk market is set to be worth $34 billion by 2024, as the dairy industry continues to decline.


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