Forest Green Rovers (FGR) is the UK’s only vegan football club, and they have now been awarded the Momentum for Change climate action award from the United Nations (UN).

They became the world’s first carbon neutral club, after working with UN on the reaching this goal. FGR’s chairman, Dale Vince, said: “We’re pretty chuffed to have this recognition from the United nations for our work in promoting sustainability through sport. Plenty of people doubted we could make this improbably combination of a football club and the environment work, but it’s proven to be a powerful combination.

“We’ve reached over three billion people in the last year with our story and our message, and all around the world people have become fans of FGR because of the stand we take on environmental issues – we now have fan clubs in over 20 different countries. We’ve created a new kind of football club and a new kind of fan, people who are fans of football and the environment.”

FGR signed up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), for the initiative called Climate Neutral Now for this season, and were recognised after this participation.

The football club uses a solar powered lawn mower, organic pitch, sustainable energy, and meat-free meals at the club. They have a park and ride scheme set up to cut down carbon emissions from fans arriving to the grounds as part of their green initiatives.

Forest Green Rovers have also launched a vegan school meals range, encouraging schools to adopt plant-based products.

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