Plant Based Made Easy (Breakfast)

It can be daunting when making the transition to a plant based diet, but coming up with ideas for swapping out your animal-based meal plans doesn’t have to be rocket science. Eating plant based on a daily basis is easy once you know how. We’ve come up with some fun and easy ideas for when you’re prepping your morning breakfast.


Usually have toast?

It is easy to swap out your butter for a dairy-free spread when making your morning toast. There are plenty of cupboard staples to top your toast with too. Jam, marmite, peanut butter and marmalade are just a few of the spreads you may already have that are suitable for a vegan diet.



Usually have eggs?

How do you like your avocado in the morning? It might not have quite the same ring to it, but avocado can be a great substitute for your usual egg breakfast, put it on toast, add it to a fry up or even just grab a spoon and tuck straight in!

avocado toast

Usually have a sausage sandwich?

Whether you’re a brown sauce or ketchup kind of person, the classic sausage sandwich for breakfast can easily be adapted by substituting in some meat-free sausages for the traditional meat ones. It’s the perfect comfort food for the morning aſter a heavy night.

plant based sausages

Usually have cereal?

There’s a lot of cereal which is suitable if you’re on a plant based diet (do beware of honey sneaking into the ingredients though!). Substituting your milk can be the biggest obstacle for some people, don’t get turned off by your first attempt at a plant milk bowl of cereal, try a few different ones until you find one you like.

cereal and fruit

Usually have a smoothie?

Blend your fresh fruit together for a healthy plant based breakfast to keep you fuelled all morning. If you’d usually
add in some yoghurt to thicken up your smoothie, and then substitute for similar non-dairy plain yoghurt and you’ll be set for the day.


Usually have porridge?

Everyone likes their porridge differently, but if you add a plant milk to your usual oats (we love almond milk!), and top with your favourite toppings, breakfast will barely taste any different.


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