It can be daunting when making the transition to a plant based diet, but coming up with ideas for swapping out your animal-based meal plans doesn’t have to be rocket science. Eating plant based on a daily basis is easy once you know how. We’ve come up with some fun and easy ideas for when you’re planning your dinner time meal.


Usually have pizza?

It’s not just the Italians who love pizza. Around the world, pizza has become an easy dinner time must-have. It can be easy to slip into just calling your local delivery service and buying an expensive no-cheese pizza. However, making it yourself can be all the more satisfying, find a base or make your own and get topping with all the good stuff . We love going for artichoke, tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms.

vegan pizza


Usually have fish cakes?

The meat alternative products on offer are gaining traction quickly. However, when it comes to fish substitutes, the
product development has been slightly leſt behind. That’s starting to change though, if you want to suppress your fish cravings then try VBites’ Fishless Steaks, Quorn’s Fishless Fingers, or the Linda McCartney Scampi Bites. If you want to make your own fish alternatives, try chickpeas or artichoke as a potential replacement along with fishy kelp powder.

vegan fish products


Usually have roast dinner?

Any meal that incorporates roast potatoes is a sure-fire winner as far as we’re concerned. It can be disheartening thinking that roast dinners will suddenly go off bounds when you give up meat, but actually this could just open your eyes to a world of roast alternatives. If you want something to replicate your meaty main, then we’re huge fans of Fry’s country roast, but there are plenty of great roast products and nut roasts available now that you can still enjoy your usual Sunday dinner.

roast potatoes


Usually have chilli or curry?

Chilli and curry are definitely some of the easiest things to give a plant based makeover. This is perhaps because they rely on having a great sauce to make them scrumptious rather than using the meat as a main ingredient. Fill your chilli with beans and replace meat with butternut squash, and get rid of the chicken from your curry and use chickpeas, mushrooms or cashew nuts in its place.



Usually have stir fry?

If you’re strapped for time, stir fry is the way to go for a quick dinner time meal. Grab your soy sauce, rice noodles and lots of veg and whip up a crunchy, healthy plate of stir fry. There really is no need to use chicken here. Worried about protein levels? We love adding plenty of edamame beans in ours to ensure a protein kick.

stir fry


Usually have spaghetti bolognese?

The beauty with spaghetti bolognese is that everybody makes it slightly differently. It’s a weekday dinner favourite, but it doesn’t have to contain meat. There are great vegan soya protein mince alternatives at most supermarkets, or if you’d like a less processed version, lentils make a great substitute. Try topping with nutritional yeast instead of parmesan and be careful when using Worcestershire sauce that you have one without anchovies in.

vegan spaghetti bolognese

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