It can be daunting when making the transition to a plant based diet , but coming up with ideas for swapping out your animal-based meal plans doesn’t have to be rocket science. Eating plant based on a daily basis is easy once you know how. We’ve come up with some fun and easy ideas for when you’re planning lunch.


Usually have a wrap?

Many of the supermarkets already sell falafel and houmous wraps in their ready-to -eat section which makes a spontaneous lunch easier. If you feel like planning ahead though, why not try making your own, by using the mouth-watering hoisin duck style product from Linda McCartney’s with some extra hoisin sauce and freshly sliced cucumber.

falafel wrap


Usually have last night’s dinner?

When you cook a great evening meal, there’s nothing better than getting to have it all over again the next day by saving your left overs — if you can manage not to eat them all that is. Make a little extra of your satisfying, plant based dinner and allow to cool before placing in an airtight container and refrigerating until the next day.

left overs


Usually have soup?

It’s the perfect lunchtime warmer to power you through until the evening. There are plenty of tinned soup options that are fully plant based on the market , or plan ahead and make some home-made soup in advance. If you’re a carb fiend, like us, then top with some croutons or add crusty bread for dipping into your hearty bowl of goodness.



Usually have a baked potato?

Baked potato is an easy and filling lunchtime option. Get rid of your tuna mayo or cheese topping and replace with a plant based equivalent . We love to eat our baked potatoes with dairy-free spread, baked beans and vegan cheese, but there are plenty of alternative toppings — try smashed avocado, five bean chilli, houmous, or tofu and soya sauce.

baked potato


Usually have a sandwich?

Sandwiches are a lunchtime classic. You may be used to filling your bread with ham, chicken, or turkey, but there are plenty of meat-free equivalents on the market meaning you don’t need to feel as though you are missing out on the fillings you know and love. You can even still enjoy your cheese and pickle sarnie by substituting for some Violife slices, as pickle tends to be suitable for vegans anyway.

meat-free sandwich


Usually have a salad?

If it’s healthy you’re after, then get rid of those animal products from your salad and stick to eating plants. This doesn’t have to boring though; use different vegan salad dressings with different ingredients to keep your salad fresh and exciting. You’re bound to feel good for the rest of the day when your afternoon is fuelled by salad.


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