It’s easy to swap out your non-vegan food. Here’s our favourite and easy plant based snacks.



It is natural to eat more food on a plant based diet, but if you’re eating the right stuff there’s no reason to find yourself hungry all the time. Nuts are full of fibre and provide a variety of sustaining nutrients. They are good sources of fat, so they make a perfect plant based snack to fill you up until dinnertime.




Sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of nachos is the dream, right? You can easily make this dish vegan-friendly with dairy-free cheese melted on top of your tortilla chips and spicy shop-bought salsa or freshly homemade guacamole. Watch out if you’re buying ready-made guacamole as many have dairy cream added to them.




Crisps aren’t necessarily the healthiest of snacking choices, but they are a vice for many. There are lots of fun takes on the traditional potato crisp now, we love snacking on some vegetable crisps packed with beetroot, sweet potato and parsnip.

vegetable crisps


Snack Bars

It’s impossible to go into a supermarket without being confronted by shelves of healthy snack bars. Watch out for the non-vegan ingredient of honey sneaking into these bars and find one that you find filling and tasty. We can’t get enough of Perkier’s Peanut Quinoa bar.

snack bars



It may be a well-known plant based staple, but that doesn’t make houmous any less tasty. Grab some carrots or other raw veg of choice and get dipping. The good protein content from the chickpeas will keep you going until your next meal.


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